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Total Body Detoxification – A Return to Vibrant Health

Our bodies are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. The food we eat, medicines we take and the environments we inhabit all subject us to varying levels of toxins which are bodies must filter out of our systems and dispose of as waste. This is nothing new, and the human body is perfectly designed to handle the situation. The liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and lymphatic system can handle much of the common toxins to which we are exposed. But with the modern age comes pollution, pesticides, genetically engineered foods and a host of other man made toxins for which the human body is less prepared. While the body’s ability to neutralize or filter out these toxins is remarkable, it can’t adequately handle all of the chemicals and heavy metals to which it is exposed, and these can end up stored in the muscle tissue and fat cells leading to inflammation, fatigue, irritability, conditions and diseases. To help the body maintain it’s optimal well-being, a regular regimen of detoxification is recommended. Through natural detoxification, a patient’s system can be returned to balance and a desired level of health and wellness can be achieved.

Detoxification diets are the simplest, and most effective, detox routines. Generally, these diets begin with a short period of fasting, allowing the body’s organs to rest. This is followed by the reintroduction of healthy, natural foods that help to stimulate the liver, gallbladder and kidneys to eliminate waste. Fresh vegetable juices and purified water help the system to flush out the undesired toxins. Then, a gradual return to a healthy diet and lifestyle, including regular exercise, completes the process. Before a detoxification program is started it is important to first balance the nervous system, hormonal system and digestive system. If a person starts with the detoxification of the elimination systems before balancing the other three systems, there can be strong adverse reactions. Once these other systems are balanced then a detox regimen should last for approximately 3-7 days. The elimination of toxins from the body is important to maintaining optimal health, but it is equally important that you return to a balanced diet that supplies all of the necessary nutrients in a timely manner.

As you complete your detox, consider what can be done to minimize the build up of toxins in the system on a day to day basis. Eliminating alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs are an obvious beginning. Greatly reducing, or eliminating altogether, the consumption of red meat and overly processed foods is also fundamental to maintaining a low level of toxins in the body. Increase your intake of fiber, and improve your diet with regular servings of organically grown vegetables. These foods offer natural detoxifying properties that will help the body maintain it’s healthy balance. These relatively simple dietary changes can go a long way towards reducing the level of toxins found in the body, and thereby putting less of a daily strain on the liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system. With fewer toxins to combat, your system can manage to filter and eliminate the chemicals and heavy metals it is exposed to much more efficiently.

After you have completed a detoxification routine, and have returned to a normal healthy diet, there are many herbs and supplements that can be taken to help enhance your body’s ability to clear itself of harmful toxins. Milk thistle, dandelion root and even a regular dose of vitamin C can do much to cleanse and protect the liver, kidneys and lungs. A regular exercise regimen is also recommended as a way to encourage the body to sweat out many toxins that will otherwise find themselves stored in fat cells in the body. Regular saunas can also help to eliminate wastes and toxins through perspiration.

Detoxification is important to maintaining a body’s well-being, and is a vital component in returning your system to a healthy balance. All detoxification routines, whether they be wholly dietary or involve flushing out the system through the use of colonic irrigation or herbal stimulants, should only be undertaken after consulting your health care provider. Patients with a compromised immune system or who are pregnant should not attempt any detoxification routines unless advised by a medical professional. Likewise patients who are currently ill, or recovering from an illness, should wait to undergo any detoxification until their health has returned to normal or under the supervision of a physician.

A process of detoxification can do much for one’s health and well-being. With the body returned to a harmonious balance, physical and mental stresses are reduced and patients experience a return to vigor and vitality. Detoxification has been shown to improve both physical health and mental agility, and helps to stave of chronic diseases and fatigue. Cleansing the body naturally is an integral step along the path to health and well-being.

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