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Tyent Ionizer Machines – What Sets Them Apart From The Rest

Independent reviewers have consistently rated Tyent ionizer systems as among the top, if not THE top performing water ionizers. What are the top reasons why Tyent water ionizer systems stand apart from other brands?

Tyent’s water ionizers are chemical and lead free – this is very important for your health. Other ionizers that use chemicals produce water that will contain traces of these harmful substances. The MMP 7070 Turbo, and Tyent’s most recent addition, the MMP 9090 Extreme, are the ONLY machines on the market with large enough plates and enough power to produce super water with NO added chemicals.

The Tyent water ionizer system produces water with the lowest ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of any machine available, which means the water produced has higher levels of antioxidants. This makes Tyent alkaline ionized water immensely beneficial to your health and longevity.

The size of the filters that a Tyent water ionizer uses are the biggest on the market today. This large filter size results in extreme filtration, giving a greater purity of water.

The combination solid-mesh plates that Tyent use in their ionizers is the best design on the market. Their MMP 7070 Turbo uses seven mesh ionization plates and their MMP 9090 Turbo Extreme uses nine. The greater the plate size, the more extreme pH levels the ionizer can reach, and also the higher the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Tyent’s plates are dipped 10 times with platinum of the best quality. This ensures unsurpassed longevity.

The One Touch Technology Tyent uses makes their water ionizers straight forward to use. With the LCD One Touch Screen, you create clean, healthy water anytime you want it, with no bother.

The energy efficiency of the Tyent’s ionizers is unsurpassed because of their patented SMPS (switched managed power supply), which doesn’t heat up too much and consume excessive electricity as do older machines using transformers.

Independent examination of Tyent water ionizers has shown very good results, with Tyent systems out competing other water ionizers in their class. Independent reviewers selected two different Tyent ionizer machines as the “Best of the Best” in their respective categories. Tyent ionizers also get very good customer feedback, with users being really delighted with the power of their machine to produce super water without chemicals, its large output, the pureness of the water produced, and that its simple to use.

The Tyent’s Forever Guarantee provides added peace of mind when buying in one of their machines. Tyent are so certain that their ionizers will last you a lifetime, they are ready to give you a Lifetime Warranty with absolutely no limits or stipulations.

So if you require the most outstanding quality materials, technology and features, look no further than a Tyent ionizer.

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