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Types of Medical Equipment

There are many different types of medical equipment that are used by almost all hospitals. Here are some different kinds.  Medical Monitors: These help doctors analyze a patient’s current state of health and include:  ECG: An Electrocardiogram, also known as an EKG, measures the electrical activity in the heart,  and to basically measure how well your heart is working. It is a painless test that shows how fast  your heart is beating, whether your heartbeat is steady or not, and strength of the heartbeats  themselves. It’s used to diagnose heart problems such as arrhythmia, heart attack, and heart  failure.  EEG: An EEG, or Electroencephalography is a test that measures the firing of neurons in the  brain by recording electric activity along the scalp. This test can show abnormalities in brain  function by such causes as epilepsy and comas.

Diagnostic Equipment: This equipment is used to help doctors diagnose a patient’s injury or illness.

MRI: An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a test used by doctors to diagnose  abnormalities within the body without surgery. It provides a big contrast between the soft tissues  of the body, making problems appear easier. It is can be used for brain, heart, muscle,  bone or cancer imaging, and is a pain-free procedure.  Ultrasound: An ultrasound, or ultrasonography, is used to visualize joints, tendons, muscles and  organs for abnormalities, and obstetric sonography is used exclusively during pregnancy to  evaluate the health and growth of the baby.  X-Ray Machines: These have been in use since their invention in 1895 to detect breaks or  anomalies in bones and teeth, and can also be used to detect tumors.

Life Support Equipment: This equipment is used to sustain life, without which continued life would be impossible.

CPB: A CPB, or Cardiopulmonary Bypass, is used to temporary take over the function of the  heart and lungs. It is commonly used during heart surgery, hypothermia, life-support for in-  danger newborn babies, and people waiting for an organ transplant.  Medical Ventilator: This is what we all commonly associate with the term “life support”. It is a  machine that mechanically moves air in and out of a patient’s lungs, when they are unable to  breath on their own. They are commonly used in emergency situations, intensive care, and long-  term home care.

All of this equipment and more have the ability to save and improve the quality of your life. Though we may take it for granted that these machines are always available, they are very expensive, both to buy and to maintain. For this reason, hospitals will often buy refurbished medical equipment. But whether it’s brand new or refurbished, hospital equipment should never be taken for grantedemain grateful every day that we have created such ingenious measures to keep us healthy.

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