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Uses For Glass Vases That Are Collecting Dust

If you have glass vases lying around the house just collecting mud and you don’t recognize what to try to to with them apart from putting flowers in them you’ll be able to use them for various alternative purposes. Regardless of what form or size the vases are they will still be used.

Glass vases are very versatile besides just using them for fresh flowers and come in handy around the home especially in the bathroom. If you have some small vases you can use them in the bathroom to store your cotton balls and q-tips in. If you have a larger more square shaped vase you can add some sea sand and arrange some large pebbles and shells forming a design which looks attractive.

Terribly giant vases can be used as a fruit bowl just add colourful fruit in like apples, oranges and any other fruit and place it on the counter for straightforward access. Smaller glass vases can be filled with glass marbles and placed round the home.

Take smaller oval vases and half fill them with water add a few petals or flowers and then add some floating candles which can enhance any table setting. Another great idea for small vases is to make some attractive gel candles which are quick and easy to make and can be used around the home to add that extra romantic warmth.

Another extremely nice idea for vases that now not have any use is to form candle bowls. You may would like to buy some wood glue and some mulberry paper which comes in the foremost exquisite colors and a small tin of varnish. Take the mulberry paper and tear it up into smaller items once that is done glue them onto the vase and once it is dry varnish. Place some ocean sand at the bottom and place a candle in the middle. These are very attractive and eye catching.


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