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What Detox Can Do For You

Our bodies need regular detox, and when this is neglected several things can happen.

The most apparent one is when we start feeling unwell. It is not an “illness” and usually we can’t quite put our finger on the malady, we just know that we don’t feel like we should. There are times, that we feel tired and listless even after a full night’s sleep.

Toxins collect in our body and although humans have evolved over the centuries, our bodies have not developed the ability to get rid of the kinds of pollutants that are now found in our water, air, and environment. Many diseases that we are struck with today are a result of the pollutants that are in our environment and our body’s inability to get rid of those toxins.

In many parts of the world, the air can get so polluted that visible particles can be seen in the air. Studies document that this smog accumulates in a person’s lungs and causes numerous respiratory problems. But, also as important, is the fact that these particles also become embedded in the skin, clogging the pores and decreasing the body’s ability to get rid of the toxins that have collected in the bloodstream. Also, this dirt is absorbed from the lungs and begins to collect in other organs of our bodies, causing irritation to our throats, eyes, and muscles where fatty tissue is a major collector of toxic material.

Daily bathing removes dirt from the body, but it requires more than daily bathing to remove dirt that has become embedded in our pores. Many people exfoliate or use masks on their faces to remove the debris that collects in their facial pores. What people don’t realize is that the entire body has millions of pores that can collect and be filled with debris and that they have to address this issue. This results in sores and blisters appearing on the body that resemble the blackheads that we get on our face when we do not exfoliate. When left untreated however, these blisters or sores become very large and can even become infected to the point that medical attention is required.

There are many foods that act as detoxifiers in the body, and some people thing that by eating those foods or drinking a lot of water they will be able to rid their bodies of the toxins that collect in them. However, there are more toxic pollutants entering the body every time we breathe than can be removed by eating a certain food once a day. Some people try to reduce toxification by taking certain vitamins and minerals, but again, there are many more toxins coming in than going out and we must be aware that more serious measures must be taken to rid the body of the toxins that are affecting us.

If we take detoxifying vitamins and minerals, drink lots of water, eat the right foods, and still feel tired, worn out, and just not “right,” it is a safe bet that we are not getting rid of all of the toxins that have collected in our body.

Detoxifying the body is an ongoing effort. We must continually take the necessary steps to make sure that we are protecting ourselves from the pollutants in the environment and the natural pollutants that we come into contact with on a daily basis.

When we fail to do that we become much more susceptible to other illness. When our immune system is busy battling the toxins that enter our body everyday, it weakens its chance to fight off infections and other threats as effectively. We find ourselves, therefore, easily susceptible to colds and other illnesses that would not have easily affected us if we were toxin free.


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