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What Does A Detox Footbath Do

In today’s world, you are exposed to toxins in almost every aspect of your life. Toxins are found in the foods that you eat, in the makeup and beauty products that you use, in cleaning products, in laundry detergent and in almost every other product. So many dangerous particles are found in most homes that the EPA has named indoor air pollution as one of its top five environmental hazards. Unfortunately, even if you try to keep your home free of chemicals and impurities, you are bound to encounter them when you go out into the world.

In addition to the toxins, chemicals and unhealthy particles that most people are aware of, you are also exposed regularly to EMF pollution from cell phones, WiFi networks and the countless other items used today for “convenience.” Avoiding these hazards is also next-to-impossible in the modern world.

Because of all of these unhealthy things you are exposed to, your health will be affected. For instance, your body’s electrical charge may be reduced. A normal and health body has within its cells an electrical charge between 70 and 90 millivolts. However, exposure to environmental impurities can bring that charge down to as low as 10 to 20 millivolts.

A low electrical charge can contribute to a general feeling of malaise, but more serious problems can also develop as free radicals build-up in your body. Free radicals are oxygen cells that have electrons without pairs; they have been demonstrated to cause cell deterioration and even cancer.

Using a Detox Footbath

A detox footbath allows you to cleanse your body of many of the different toxins and pollutants it was exposed to, in order to restore natural balance and to reduce free radicals.

While a detox footbath is as simple to you as soaking your feet in a special bath periodically, there are very complex scientific processes going on behind the scenes. For instance, the ionic bath provides a flood of negative ions, attracting and negating the free radicals. The electricity provided by the ionic football also excites toxins in your body which, through a process of osmosis, begin to pass into the lymphatic system and out of the body.

As you soak your feet in the bath, you will not have to guess whether the toxins are actually leaving or not. You will notice that the bath water, which should have been clear at the start of the bath, will become very colorful by the time you are done with the detox foot bath. These colors show that toxins have been drawn out. With the negation of free radicals and the ability of the detox foot bath to help restore the normal charge back to your body, you should also start to notice that you feel healthier.

Many patients report that a detox foot bath has resolved problems ranging from joint pain to stress while others report that it has reduced the signs of aging. Regardless of whether you have a specific ailment or not, however, the detox foot bath will help you to feel and be a healthier person in your day-to-day life.


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