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What is Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is the therapy which can be used for effective treatment for all the persons of all the ages. It is an extra-ordinary technique and have no side effects. This treatment is very suitable for babies and children.

In this therapy the practitioner is checked and identify areas of restrictions, the tension of the body which affect the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and body tissues in general. Because of this problem a person has to face many things like injury, infection, inflammation and many more.

Processes of Craniosacral Therapy :

1)Learn about existing cranial rhythm. 2)According to the rhythm create a still point at the base of the skull. 3)Rocking the sacrum. 4)Lengthening the spine which is studded in the lumber-sacral region. 5)Then they are addressing the several things like pelvic, respiratory and thoracic diaphragms. 6)For throat, they are releasing the hyoid bone. 7)Addressing each cranial bone.

Benefits of Craniosacral therapy:

?Theoretical Basis : cerebro-spinal fluid increase through this therapy and reach to the bones of the head, the spine and the pelvis. So it very helpful to restore the health and keep you away from suffering the health problems.

?Potential benefits : Craniosacral therapy gives relives from pain, joint problems, chronic fatigue, depression, hyperactivity and various diseases which badly affect the nervous systems. The nervous system is the kernel of the body so it is very important. The American Cancer Society report about the Craniosacrcral therapy that it is not helpful to treat cancer but it’s very nice therapy to get relief from pain, stress and tension.

?Scientifically demonstrated benefits : Researchers found that with the 25 weeks of Craniosacral therapy an individual with Fibromyalgia feels a nice improvement in pain, quality of life, sleep quality, and anxiety. This statement is from researchers of vidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

?Debate and contention : Craniosacral therapy is not a frog of the well, it is large spread contention among medical doctors and scientific researcher. The University of Minnesota is reported that the Craniosacral therapy is reducing chronic pain and different types of stress of the whole body as well as the trauma related disorders and very beneficial to improving the rate of recovery after surgery. To help a person who have serious chronic disease , many hospitals provide special centers for Craniosacral therapy.

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