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What Is the Best Ionic Detox Foot Bath

With all these different health and beauty crazes coming and going over the past few years, you’ve probably heard about the biggest one that has taken the Western world in a clear sweep, the ionic detox bath. Before you get an ionic bath, however, you should shop around and see which one is right for you. There is a wide variety of different ionic foot spas available which can give you a good detox and pamper your feet at the same time.

One thing you need to look for is the price. Cheap is not always better. In fact, the cheaper an ionic bath is, typically the poorer the quality. You get what you pay for, so you want to keep that in mind. Many times, the cheaper models of ionic foot spas might have parts that can go defective, which can be dangerous, especially with the regulating unit. Electrodes are also important. There are all kinds of different metals that can conduct electricity well. Some of these metals, which are more expensive, such as copper, brass, or silver are good quality metals and can last longer than more cheaper metals which often corrode quickly and need to be replaced more often, thus adding more expense to you. The cheaper metals which don’t last as long include aluminum, steel, and other iron alloys. The type of metal the electrodes are made from can be factored in the price.

Some of the higher quality ionic bath kits include the Original Detoxification Ion Dextox Machine, which typically retails for $499 and has everything that you need to have a good foot bath. This is about as cheap as you want to go. It’s affordable but is of good quality. This ionic foot bath kit comes with the regulator, the modulator (which holds the electrode that ionizes the water, and a far infrared bamboo charcoal waist belt. The kit also comes with an aluminum carrying case for easy storage. You need to get the foot tub separately.

If you really like to live life in the lap of luxury, you would like the Dual Detox Bath MP3. This foot bath kit retails for $956.43 and allows you to take an ionic detox foot bath together with a friend. The unit has a special regulator which allows you to plug in two modulators to allow both you and a friend or relative to take an ionic foot bath together. You also have the added luxury of listening to music while you are getting a good ionic bath. The kit also comes with two sets of headphones so that you and your friend can listen to music while bathing your feet. This unit is rather pricey, but is a good investment if you like music.

There are many other great ionic foot bath kits that you can buy and the quality ranges from prices that are as low as $400 to over $1,600 depending on quality of the different components.

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