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What You Must Know About the Ionic Foot Bath

As the world gets more toxic everyday, our bodies are continually being assaulted by legions upon legions of harmful contaminants. This could even be happening internally with the toxins our own body produces. We hold these pollutants in our bodies, just waiting for them to collect until they can do some serious damage. There must be a way to control the situation. Fortunately, we do have an answer in detoxification.

The market now carries different detox methods available to the public. Gone is the time when detox only catered to the rich and gravely ill. In this day and age, detoxification has reached the masses and there are several detox options they can choose from. The ionic foot bath is one of the more popular ones.

Ion cleanse is a detox system which involves putting negative ions into the body and then drawing out the positive ones. An ionic foot bath consists of this process and, through it, corrects the awry acid alkali content of your body, putting it back into its natural balance. If your body is too acid, you’re liable to get sick from the viruses and bacteria in your environment. Your ph balance is corrected by the ion cleanse by sending a mild current through your system that defuses the toxins that are making you too acid and then drawing these offending elements out.

Adding to benefits to the body’s acid alkaline balance, the ionic foot bath also helps to balance your immune system. If you have just been in an accident or have just gone through surgery, an ion cleanse can also help you recover quicker. It can also ease arthritic pain and stiffness in the joints. If you go in for an ionic foot bath for the recommended duration, your body’s natural detoxification ability will be maximized by improving your organ function, especially that of those organs involved in toxin elimination. You will also find yourself sleeping better.

Going through an ion cleanse is safe and painless. Even children as young as four years old can have an ionic foot bath if duly supervised. However, this is not suitable if you wear a pacemaker or have had an organ transplant. Nursing mothers are also advised against using an ionic foot bath.

To go through an ion cleanse, you must be properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water, but not the distilled kind. Electrolyte drinks are also good as they can encourage conductivity during the ionic foot bath.

If you combine the benefits of the ionic foot bath with a healthy lifestyle, your body can restore its ability to maintain optimum health.

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