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What’s the Big Deal with Ion Cleanse

When you’re looking for new ways to enhance your health, you stumble upon a number of supplements and devices that all promise to help. But some devices seem to have more promise than others – like the Ion Cleanse Home System, for example. With scientific studies and positive testimonials, it seems to be catching the wave of the future – ionic detoxification – but should you try it too?

What Ionic Cleanse has to offer

Ioncleanse, as it’s sometimes spelled, is different from other ionic detox systems that are available, for a number of reasons. It’s similar in the reasoning behind the success, however. These kinds of systems are working with the argument that the environment around us creates ideal conditions for negative ions to accumulate in our bodies. And it’s these negative ions that cause health problems as varied as fatigue, poor digestion, poor concentration, etc. But when you use these systems, you regulate your negative ions by either introducing positive ions or removing them completely – or some combination of both.


The Ion Cleanse system gives you the advantage of using both positive and negative ions to help bring balance back to your body. The device can actually switch from distributing negative ions into the water foot bath to positive ions into the water. In doing this, you can custom tailor your experience to be comfortable and health enhancing. Other systems can actually cause the user to feel dizzy and lightheaded during their treatment, as opposed to relaxed and serene. To help users feel more comfortable, the Ioncleanse system actually has five different settings that you can use – and there’s one for everyone.

With this ionic cleanse system, you will also get the safety assurance of the ionic detoxification process with seals of approval and safety from the FCC and CE organizations. The alternating current that is directed into the water is safely converted from the direct current of your home outlet in order to provide a safe level of electrolysis in the water, causing the ions to be re-balanced.


What else you can expect from Ionic Cleanse

In this ionic detoxification system, you will also notice that there are two different kinds of water elements: the powerful 304/321 combination or the standard 316 plates. These plates are what direct the current into the water and allow the ions to become balanced again. What you might want to consider, however, is that the 304/321 combination plates provide you with more positive and negative ion concentration in the water. This might increase the results you get from using the system.

And the Ionic Cleanse system also comes with the assurance of customer service and support whenever you need it. If you have a question, there is a customer service line that will direct your call to the appropriate place or they will assist you directly. This customer service comes free of charge and is guaranteed to be waiting for your call as long as you own your system.

This article was written by Dr. Robert Fleishmann, a board-certified neurologist and specialist in total mind body wellness, and consultant for A Major Difference – makers of the Original IonCleanse , Light Rejuvenizers, and Body Clensing Products.

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