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Why a Detox Foot Spa is the Way to Go

Take time out for a detox foot spa & other self-pampering items on your bliss list. Overworked, overextended and several pounds heavier? If post-holiday blues and a frantic back-to-work routine is weighing you down, why don’t you step back a moment, listen to your body as it shouts for a little time to relax and re-balance itself. Treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa therapy and other detox delights. While sipping a cool, refreshing fruit drink, you may have a detox foot spa, for instance.

Being attuned to your body is, indeed, the first step to better health and wellness. So many of us suffer from toxic overload which can lead to over fatigue, a host of digestive problems, and a dangerously reduced immune function. The good thing is that when your body is having difficulty removing toxins, it lets you know in varied ways.These may include digestive problems; recurring colds  headaches & migraines or joint pains; bad breath & body order; sensitivity to caffeine, alcohol or monosodium glutamate; lethargy & feeling drained; difficulty in concentrating at work; allergies & other skin breakouts; and constant irritability, to name some. When one or most of these occur, the first thing to do, of course, is to consult a primary care physician.A detox foot spa may be a thoroughly relaxing thing which is even touted to be an effective way to ease many ills ranging from eczema to asthma and menstrual problems to other ailments.

For body cells to function correctly, though, there are other things one can do in conjunction with detoxifying spa therapy, to deliver vital nutrients to the body, which in turn results in the elimination of unwanted toxins. You can re-balance your cells, first and foremost, by removing food additives and overly processed foods from your diet. Opt instead for the top five detox foods: leafy green vegetables (like spinach); fresh vegetable & fruit juices; lemon (which can prevent infection and is good for the liver and digestive system); seaweed (rich in minerals); and apples & grapes (with antioxidant properties linked to reduced risks of heart attack and cancer). You may also supplement smartly when these detox foods are not yet in your pantry.

While you’re at it, pamper yourself with a personal spa treatment using a homemade body scrub. An example is the avocado moisture scrub, easily created by mixing two fresh avocado pits ground to a powder with a cup of milk or yogurt. The alpha hydroxyl acids in the yogurt or milk serve as natural defoliators that can stimulate cell turnover while moisturizing skin. Or you may use lavender essential oil – place a few drops in a basin of very hot water and dip in a terry washcloth then rub skin briskly, starting with your feet and up to the upper extremities.

The body scrub may follow a detox foot spa that will allow you to relax for about half an hour.While placing your feet into the foot bath or basin-like container filled with water and some minerals or herbs, you can think happy thoughts to ease your mind of worries. Clear your mind of pressing work concerns. And Allow the Detox Foot Spa to cleanse your body.

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