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Younger Looking Skin without Drugs Botox or Surgery

The secret to younger looking skin is ion your belly. Have you even wondered why so many celebrities go to expensive cleansing spas? Is it because they are particularly health conscious? No, it is because they are obsessed with looking young a beautiful. Luckily you don’t have to be a celebrity to have great looking skin and youthful vitality. All it takes is a good cleaning and lots of fresh clean filtered drinking water.

Its not what you put on your skin that makes it beautiful

Each year there are billions of dollars spent of beautifying and anti aging products. The ironic part is that the quality of your skin is largely governed by the amount of water you drink, the type of food you eat and how well you body eliminates waste. If these three things are working well, chances are you will have great skin. When any of these areas become unbalanced then your skin will be one of the first places to show it.

Anti aging creams attack the surface but not the cause

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It has many functions but one is the elimination of toxins. Think about it- you sweat when you have a fever or when you are hot. There are literally millions of pores all over your body with the specific ability to move toxins out of you. As you get older more and more toxins are building up inside your body. Toxins from the air we breathe, the food and water we consume and environmental exposure to a host of deadly chemicals.

Even food can be toxic

Our diets are often lacking in whole grain fiber and the volumes of fresh and uncooked vegetables that it takes to clean out the gunk. Highly processed foods like white flour and sugar turn into a sticky goo once inside your belly. Most of this foodstuff is only waste since there is little nutrition to digest. Literally every time your colon gets overloaded trying to process too much waste, it has no other choice but to reabsorb the toxins into your fatty cells or try to eliminate them through your skin.

The skin is an interesting organ.

It is the backup if the colon is not working. Another thing is; when we have undigested food material, if it is not liquefied enough, it sticks to the sides of the intestine. Eventually it will harden and when it hardens it also prevents the muscles around it from contracting. This dehydration coupled with the slow clogging and hardening means that less and less of the waste is eliminated. It also means it takes more effort for your body to eliminate anything effectively. Dehydration makes you look older than you are

A lot of people think that poor skin simply comes with age. Not true. We all know at least one person who looks great for their age all without plastic surgery, botox or drugs. Chances are it is because of what is going on with their colon.

When your colon works efficiently, your skin will glow naturally.

Drink plenty of fresh filtered clear water every day, this is the first step. Next you may want to eat a good wholesome diet filled with fresh vegetables and lots of whole grain fibers. Then add a super green, whole food supplement that will boost your vitamin b and give you the added nutrition your body craves. A lot of things go into making sure that the colon stays clean and I would say that the number one thing is sufficient water intake.

Clean filtered water is the elixir of life so drink your fill and enjoy a natural glow.

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