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A Bit About Drug Detox and Detox Clinics

Drugs are an increasing problem around the world, particularly in the United States and across mainland Europe. The main problem drugs tend to be the class A narcotics such as Cocaine, Heroin and Meth amphetamine. These are the drugs that cause people the most damage and the drugs that are the most addictive to an individual. They are so strong and concentrated that they can alter a person’s behavior and personality completely. For these reasons it is generally these drugs that land people in drug rehab or detox clinics.

These drug rehab clinics are the umbrella under which the process of psychotherapeutic and medical treatment for the dependents on these drugs comes. The purpose and intent of these places is to help the patient to cease using whatever substance he or she may be hooked on. This process can be an extremely long and drawn out one. It can often involve extreme psychological and mental breakdowns, especially with heavy addicts. The worst tend to be with heroin addicts that have been injecting for very long periods of time. The drugs are so powerful, the body and mind become so dependent on them that it can almost seem implausible to the user the he or she could ever live without them.

This process of drug rehab or detox is often essential not only to the health or survival of the addict but it can also help to avoid severe legal, social. financial and psychological consequences to the dependent. Again, these consequences can be inflamed in severe cases. Many crimes, particularly burglaries and violence can be attributed to heavy drug users.

This makes the detox systems that are put in place by many governments all the more important. The plan is that once the addict has passed through the entire drug rehab process that they will emerge the other side a clean and changed person. Many programs will employ what is called a “sponsor” system; this is where 2 reformed addicts watch over each other to ensure they do not slip into their old ways.

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