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A Few Good Reasons to Visit the Balearics

The Balearic Islands have long been a tourist staple throughout Europe, bringing in tourists from all over the continent. Their appeal seams undeniable and here some of the reasons that travellers are forever flocking back to the Balearic Islands.

 300 Days of Sunshine While the summer may be nearing its end, and grey weather seems pretty imminent for most countries, this is not a problem shared by this region of Spain. While summers in Britain and France can remain unpredictable, a visit to Menorca ensures some glimpse of sunshine.
 Perfect Beaches The beaches in the Balearics are known as some of the greatest in Europe, the world even. In Ibiza there is Salines, which is part of the national park taking up the south of the Island. In Menorca there is Cala Pregonda which is considered one of the jewels in Menorca’s crown. But head to Formentera for a more peaceful retreat.

 Villas Villas in the Balearics offer great value for money, allowing you to house the whole family for a fixed price. Menorca villas are often swept with luxury, and there is something wonderful about having a space to yourself with no one to have to share the pool with.

 Golfing The Balearics offer the perfect setting for a round of golf, a canvas of sunshine and a breeze sweeping through. There are over 30 golf courses in Mallorca alone. Golf enthusiasts are promised a great round f golf throughout the whole of the year. The island attracts nearly 150000 competitors every year.

 Diving While the Balearics are not always that associated with scuba diving, but the surrounding water offers some of the best underwater sights in Europe. Offering a gentle way in to the world of scuba diving, but it also caters to divers of all levels of experience. The waters around Ibiza were recently declared a UNESCO world heritage site for their diverse ecosystems and well preserved beauty.

 Escapism While many associate the Caribbean with marooned isolated beauty, it is a glaring overlook to miss the various locations around the Balearic Islands in which one can comfortable seclude themselves. Head out Formentera for a perfect castaway experience. Just a quick hop by ferry from the Balearics this is a wonderful little getaway.

 Detox and Spa Over recent years the Balearics have become a prime location for those wishing to cleanse their systems in a sunny location. Visitors come here for the luxury of a Spa overlooking still pastel waters as they rejuvenate themselves. From yoga, massage, Pilates, tai-chi to the more rigorous form of cleansing, the Balearics are perfect for those inn need of a little me-time in a calm relaxed setting.

 Heritage and Culture While popular as something of a tourist trap, the Balearics also offer some great saunters in to old world culture. Menorca’s stone monuments and 17th century monuments in the capital are a sight to behold. Meanwhile Ibiza offers a rich, potent glimpse in to history justifying their admission to UNESCO’s world heritage list.

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