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A Home Reverse Osmosis System Will Not Purify Your Water at Home

If you are thinking about the purchase of a home reverse osmosis water purification system to eliminate the threat of contaminants in your water, then you might want to reconsider.

These systems are actually not water purifiers at all, as they don’t come close to removing all of the harmful substances residing in our reservoirs. They are overpriced, energy consuming, wasteful, and inadequate for your needs.

These systems generally cost far more than most true water purification systems, while doing about a third of the work that these more effective apparatus’ do.

They need to be running constantly in order to cleanse your water even to the minimal extent they do, and this can noticeably increase your electric bill. R.O. systems also waste up to five times more water than they cleanse, while other systems waste little if any water.

Aside from having a granular activated carbon filter attached to them, home reverse osmosis systems simply perform a redundant task.

The porous membrane filters these appliances use to “cleanse” your water are designed to remove particulates, and they probably won’t even remove the particulates that they encounter. This is because whatever reaches the appliance will be microscopic, and therefore these filters cannot prevent their passage.

The reason that I know this is that these microscopic particulates escaped the demineralization process performed by your local water treatment facility.

There is no need for your system at home to repeat a task that has already been performed before the water is sent out to your home. You want a system that will perform tasks for you that the water treatment facilities were incapable of doing.

The treatment centers also use porous membranes to remove impurities from your water, and they also disinfect the water in order to remove as many parasitic threats as possible.

Membrane filters cannot block the passage of chemical agents, traces of toxic heavy metals, or anything microscopic as noted earlier. The granular activated carbon pre-filter is he only saving grace of a home reverse osmosis system.

This filter is designed to remove as much as 99.99% of the chemical and pharmaceutical contaminants present in your water.

It will not remove the toxic heavy metals that have eluded the filters at the treatment facilities, nor will it remove the disinfectant resistant bacteria likely present in your water.

The system that you use will have to have two additional filters in order to deal with these pollutants.

A home reverse osmosis water filtration system won’t provide you with the security of an ion exchange, or a sub micron filter.

An ion exchange attracts heavy metals to it, replaces these substances with sodium and potassium, and keeps your pH levels in perfect balance.

A sub micron filter will intercept the disease bearing parasites in your water, so that the danger of consuming these pathogens is eliminated.

A home reverse osmosis water filter system is obviously something you can do without. Be smart, and install a purification system in your home that meets all of your contaminant removal requirements.

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