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A Review of the Rock Star Energy Drink

Remember the good old days when a hot cup of coffee was what you needed to get going in the morning? Do you also remember how difficult it was to make a cup of coffee? And, man, did it not make you feel dehydrated when you went to the gym afterwards?
 Well, those days of the past are exactly that – the past! Instead of having to “enjoy” coffee for your energy needs, you can now enjoy a little something more appealing. You can sit back and drink down a Rock Star Energy Drink instead.
 The Rock Star Energy Drink first emerged on the scene a few short years ago and it was an instant hit. This product delivered all the power of the then (and still) popular Red Bull drink. There were, however, some major differences between the two. Namely, Rock Star comes in a much larger can.
 The original can of Rock Star drink is 16 fluid ounces which is much more than what its much smaller competitors provided. (There are now 8 and 24 ounce cans) Also, this was – and remains – much cheaper than the other energy drinks out there. This further adds to its unique appeal.
 Of course, the main thing people want out of an energy drink is – you guessed it – energy. With Rock Star, you will definitely feel a kick since it is loaded with natural energy producing ingredients such as Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Milk Thistle. These are all natural products that will definitely provide a major boost to one’s energy levels. Similarly, these drinks are loaded with scores of B vitamins that will aid in increasing energy levels while also providing a healthy boost to the immune system.
 If there was one negative to the Rock Star Energy Drink it would have been the high sugar content. Thankfully, the people behind this company understood this and soon released an excellent sugar free version of the product.  
 This way, those looking to cut sugar and carbs out of their diet can do so while still enjoying the benefits of chugging down a can. However, the original Rock Star was not known for a stellar taste and the removal of sugar from the equation led to a bland product. So, you could consider the sugar free variant to be more functional than appealing.
 This message was not ignored by the powers that be and several different variants of the traditional Drink started to appear on store shelves. These variants were fruit flavored versions of the drink. So, avid fans could now choice between mango, pomegranate, citrus, and several others. This added to the drink’s appeal in the market place and a major reason why it still remains so popular.
 The popularity of the Rock Star Energy Drink will not abate any time soon. This is a solid product with a lot to offer those that enjoy energy drinks. As such, it will surely remain a popular fixture on store shelves for many years to come.
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