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A revolutionary detox foot spa treatment for re-balancing and re-energizing

How does the viatek ionic foot spa work?

Firstly, we must understand that the human body is made up of 60%-70% water. Our body fluids are made up of different types of salts. These salts are capable of conducting electricity. In fact, our whole body will produce chemical reactions, generating electrical currents, which produce energy.

Water has the ability to alter molecules in the presence of certain solutes. When we introduce our feet into the viatek ionic foot spa water, our body fluids actually connect with the water. The water takes on the roll of main conductor, causing an electrical current between the two electrodes of the array. This current in a way propagates with our own body fluids.

 Soles on the human feet consist of a large number of reflex points that correspond to specific organs or certain parts of our body as is explained by the principle of reflexology and the meridian flow lines according to acupuncture. Therefore, any kind of stimuli – whether mechanical, luminous or electromagnetic – can cause a specific reaction in each bodily system, organ or the corresponding body area reflected on the soles of the feet.

This means that no matter what type of interchange takes place, the bio-stimulation helps restore energy as well as balance. In addition, it eases tension in certain areas and re-establishes blocked energy channels. This process helps the organs in the body to function in the approved manner, recharging each organ to work to its optimum efficiency.

What is included with viatek ionic foot spa?

The viatek ionic foot spa kit includes:

1 x Ionic Energizer Foot Bowl

2 x Array coils – The array coils usually last between 30-50 treatments. When the array coils need replacing, they will simply stop working.

1 x Massage Bubble Foot Plate

1 x Salt

1 x Blue storage bag

1 x Control unit

1 x Power adapter

Detox foot spa and detoxification

Through the course of the day, an average person encounters a variety of environmental factors which affect their well being. Our body detoxifies itself every day, eliminating toxins and waste via the kidneys, liver, colon, lymph glands, lungs and skin, but it will never be possible for it to eliminate every toxin. Toxins are present in our everyday environment and factors like tobacco, alcohol, food additives, drugs and anesthetics, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, heavy metals and industrial pollutants will leasd to a build of toxins. In addition, stress and a lack of exercise, as well as air pollution cause toxins to build up in our bodies throughout the day. This buildup prevents the body from functioning at its optimal level. This results in tiredness, headaches, frequent colds, sinus problems, dry skin and even bad breath.

In order for our bodies to function optimally and rid our systems of the toxins, a detox foot spa is a very good option. These toxins attack our immune system and have the ability to cause a wide variety of side effects, like lethargy, tiredness, headaches and migraine, colds and flu, rough skin, breath and body odour, as well as sinus problems among others.

 A detox foot spa can also make a major difference to very clean and good looking feet. Just after half-an-hour of the detox foot spa treatment, you will see some brown-colored fat like globules floating on the water.

The positive results of detox foot spa will further compel you to take the treatment from time to time. The more often you repeat the treatments, the less gross are the results. The detox foot spa is said to extract heavy metals and other forms of toxins from the system. The detox foot spa uses all-natural ingredients and thus extracts toxins from the body naturally. In turn, this promotes a strong immune system and healthy lymphatic functions. Detox foot spas are known to:

Relieve arthritic pain and discomfort

Improve the immune system

Increase vitality and energy

Reduce stress and anxiety

Improve circulation

Improve sleep

Enhance mental focus and concentration; and

Soothe headaches


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