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Acne Pimples Eruption – Excessive Sebaceous Oil Glands Secretion

When the sebaceous oil glands of our skin manufacture too much oil, our skin becomes greasy and our pores become clogged with the excess oil also known as the sebum and eventually blocked. The result is the appearance of pimples which erupt below the surface of our skin. Our skin sebaceous oil glands naturally produce oil but there can be an overproduction due to stress, diet and hormonal changes, common in teenagers. Our face is usually more affected and get the consequences. An oily face will often experience itchiness and you will be tempted to scratch it. You will feel that pimples are trying to pop out.

So what to do? First of all, you need to remember that proper skin hygiene is fundamental if you want to prevent acne from appearing and spreading. If you experience oily skin regularly, it’s essential that you clean your skin to get rid of the oil on a daily basis. By recoving the oil, you decrease your chances in getting acne. Mild soaps made from natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea can help alleviate your skin and refresh it. You can even use dried green tea leaves and bring it to a boil, then use the water when it’s warm or between warm and hot and apply to your face. This will clear your face from the oil effectively and will prevent you from getting acne and pimples in the first place. If acne is already triggered, this method will dry your acne and it will be cured in the long run.

Now that you know how to take proper care of your skin, it’s essential that you adopt some preventive measures to lessen the risk of getting acne as well. A poor diet can be a major role in acne development. Eat all the bad kinds of foods and you have great chances in getting acne. Heard the saying, what you ingest in your body can sometimes reflect physically. That’s true. An example, eating foods that you’re allergic to can reflect on your skin with itchiness and redness.

So be careful what you eat or drink and even if you have to consume the bad kinds of food, moderation is key. You should preferably stay away from deep fried foods, spicy foods, alcohol but it does not really harm from time to time. Note that not all people may react the same to these foods and drinks. Some can be less, some more and some not at all. Every person’s body and constitution is not the same. But generally paying attention to a healthy diet will reward your skin ultimately. A diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, fruits, water, healthy fats will put your body in a better condition to eradicate acne, lessen the development or preventing it from manifesting in the first place.

Another important factor to consider in acne elimination is stress. Knowing how to deal with stress effectively will reduce acne, prevent it from proliferating and can heal it as well. So don’t underestimate what stress can do to your skin. Excessive stress causes an overproduction of hormones in your body and the accumulation of oils in your skin pores is inevitable. And the end result, you know it, is acne.

It’s advisable that you consult your dermatologist first and get a proper acne treatment which can work for you. At first, you will not know but after a few days of acne care, you’ll discover if you can continue with your treatment or not. If the answer is positive and you’re seeing promising results, stick to your acne remedy program for a few weeks. When your acne is cured, lead a healthy lifestyle and clean your skin regularly from dirt and impurities. This way, you can prevent acne from manifesting again. It’s you only who can control your acne. Noone will do it for you.

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