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Acne Sufferer – Home Remedy To Treat, Cure and Clear Up Acne Zits

For the acne sufferer out there, you’re not alone. Think about all these people who face this problem everyday either teenagers or adults. Some are trying to find the right solution to their acne but in vain. But you don’t need to lose hope. The thing is you need to find the right acne remedy which works for you because what can work for someone else might not neccesarily work for you 100% guaranteed. Everyone’s skin is not the same eg one can be more sensitive to external environmental factors, one can be allergic etc…

While you can have resourse to all types of latest acne products on the market and follow a treatment with your dermatologist with prescriptions, you have other alternatives too. You can also treat your acne by yourself at home and see the results but providing you make use of natural acne methods because these are safer. If you have to decide on your own for eg what products you can buy to heal acne, it’s not recommended to just buy products like that unless they are natural and you know you are not taking many risks. Since you don’t have much knowledge about all the acne products, a consultation with the dermatologist is advisable.

But you can have a home remedy acne solution to treat, cure and clear up your acne and zits just by proceeding the natural way. Hence you have to use natural products and see if they work for you. There are great chances that they will work. Nature is healing and it’s safe to give it a try.

If you want to get started in taking care of your acne more effectively, make use of one of these 3 things or you might do a combination:

(1) Aloe Vera Cream

Aloe vera is a plant which has been proven to be effective for use as herbal and medicinal purposes. Aloe vera can treat several skin conditions, relieves pain, refreshes and moisturizes the skin and decreases inflammation. For your acne, application of aloe vera cream on the skin definitely has curing benefits. You can also use aloe vera soap for your shower if you have acne on your face, back, chest and legs for instance. There are also other aloe vera based products like gel, shampoo amongst others.

(2) Green Tea Acne Cream

Green tea is without any doubt a healing plant. Just drinking green tea everday can give you a better health, like lowering cholesterol levels, removing toxins from your body and other benefits. But green tea is also beneficial for your skin health. The green tea extract can treat acne skin problems and help drying and clearing up your acne. Nowadays, you have green tea acne cream products for ease of use.

(3) Dried Green Tea Leaves

If you want to use green tea the traditional way, you can buy dried green tea leaves, boil them and use the tea extract to apply to your skin. After the tea is between warm and hot, take it and pour it into a small recipient. Then use a small clean facial towel and wet it in the tea. Next step is to tap the tea on your acne continuously taking more tea by wetting the towel again. Like with green tea acne cream, your acne will dry up with time and heal. Do this everyday for at least 2 weeks, the more the better.

When your acne starts to cure, make sure you maintain your acne free body by following a healthy nutrition with lots of fruits, vegetables, water, lean meat, fish, healthy fats like olive oil, moderate alcohol, chocolate and processed foods and keeping away from high sugar foods and high fat foods mostly saturated like animal fats. Some foods if consumed excessively can trigger acne. Also, proper hygiene, regular exercise and dealing with stress effectively like doing yoga helps to prevent acne. It’s important to take a shower a few minutes after exercising and cooling down and not staying with the sweat for hours.

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