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Advantages of Detox Foot Spa

There have been many discussions on detox foot spa as a treatment for removing toxins from the body. And, it is important that when considering a detox foot spa that you know what the foot spa does and what to expect when you have a detox foot spa treatment.
 While the use of detoxing foot spas dates back to the 1800s’, the spa used today was invented and perfected by Dr. Staggs in Spain in the 1970s’. She has specialized in alternative medicine and therapies and through her studies found out that with the use of electrical impulses, toxins can be removed from the body. The detox foot spa is not a medical device, rather it helps to lighten the load of toxins that accumulate in the body.
 It has long been known in the fields of Reflexology, Chinese, and Japanese Medicine that the hands and feet correspond to every organ in the body. Applying pressure, needles, or electrodes to certain points on the feet sends a signal to a specific organ or body system. These systems have been utilized successfully to stimulate the immune system, build up energy and repair damages to the body’s organs.

 The Detox Foot spa uses the same principle as these fields of alternative medicine. The footbath water in the detox foot spa is fortified with natural ingredients and small electric currents are introduced to the water through electrodes.
 When the feet is placed in the water, the current flows upward through the whole body, stimulating the immune system and breaking down toxins. The help provided by the current translated to increased energy that can be used for other more productive functions of the body. The Detox foot spa helps the body’s organs and systems to function correctly and recharges the body to keep it running on high.
 One of the first things that you will notice during the detox foot spa treatment is the change in color of the water. There are many reasons that the water changes color, in some cases it is because of the metal elements used in the spa, in other cases it is because of the chemical compounds of the water itself.
 However, you may also notice that the water will smell differently. This is because when the toxins are released from your system they have a distinct odor.

 You will find the Detox foot spa very relaxing. And, you will also notice that after a few treatments your energy level will be much higher. The Detox Foot Spa will enhance the efficiency of the body’s immune system, giving it more power to protect us against harmful bacteria and allergens.
 In your consultations with a Detox Foot Spa technician, a program will be developed to guide you in maintaining high energy levels and keep your immune system at peak performance. You will also want to schedule follow-up sessions so that you do not lose the energy or health that you will enjoy after your Detox Foot Spa.
 The combination of a balanced diet, plenty of water and exercise and regular detoxifying foot spa, will improve overall health and boost energy throughout your day.

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