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Air Purifiers – How Do They Really Work

As pollution levels continue to rise – both inside of our homes as well as outside — air purification systems are becoming more and more popular. While most of understand and accept that these systems are a great way to cleanse the air inside of our homes from dust, pollens. Molds, mildews, and other potentially dangerous allergens and pollutants, few can honestly say they understand how the technology really works.

There are two main types of air cleaners: the filtration system and the purifying system. Air cleaners that use filters (such as the popular HEPA system), don’t actually clean the air by neutralizing (or getting rid of) the pollutants that may cause illness or other health reactions, but instead, they commonly trap the allergen in the filter and hold it there until the filter is removed and disposed of. These filters must be changed fairly regularly in order to remain effective, which can be quite costly, depending on the types of pollutants that find its way into your home or office. When using this type of system, you can either have it installed right onto your home furnace and air conditioning units to clean the air throughout the entire house, or you can opt to place individual models in specific rooms.

Air purifiers, on the other hand, use state-of-the art technology to actually suck in the dirty air from your home, cleanse it using a combination of filters and ion replacement, and then blow it back into the atmosphere. Ion generators themselves are becoming increasingly popular these days since they are relatively easy to sue, require no replacement filter costs and are quite effective. Unlike other purifiers that clean the air around it, these models opt to create their own better balanced (and cleaner air), through ion distribution. The main benefit of these models is their ability to actually neutralize bacteria and virus that may be circulating in the air of your home, which can eliminate any cold and flu outbreaks amongst family members.

Which system you choose is really a personal decision since both the air filtration and air purification systems seem to work well to clean the air in the average household. Some things they all are touted as cleansing from the air are the following allergens and pollutants that may cause a variety of respiratory issues including asthma:

Dust and dust mites.
Molds and mildew.
Pet danger.
Volatile organic compounds found in cleaning supply residue.
Viruses and bacteria’s which may cause a variety of illnesses.
Tobacco smoke.
Among others.

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