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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Alcohol Detox At An Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Alcohol addiction treatment at an alcohol rehab treatment center typically involves alcohol detox. Alcohol detox is designed to prevent the worst withdrawal systems that can occur in an abrupt cessation of alcohol. It is not an easy process, so it is best to get the professional support provided by an alcohol rehab treatment center rather than attempting to alcohol detox alone.

 Alcohol detox at an alcohol rehab treatment center may not just involve the removal of toxic substances as the name would suggest. Cross-tolerant drugs with an effect similar to alcohol are often used to lessen alcohol withdrawal as part of the alcohol addiction treatment.

 Alcohol addiction treatment with alcohol detox is not always used. The use of alcohol detox at an alcohol rehab center may depend on a persons age, medical status, and history of alcohol use. The most common drugs used for alcohol detox during alcohol addiction treatment are benzodiazepines, followed by barbiturates.

 Alcohol detox usually lasts about six weeks. Alcohol detox is designed to eliminate the physical dependence on alcohol. The most severe symptoms, such as insomnia and anxiety, occur in the first three weeks. Getting alcohol detox support at an alcohol rehab center is more likely to succeed.

 During the first one to three weeks of alcohol addiction treatment, intense symptoms can occur. Symptoms can include anxiety, tremors, seizures, hallucinations, and shakes. The initial stages of alcohol detox can be very dangerous, sometimes resulting in heart failure and death.

 That is why going through the alcohol detox process at an alcoholic rehab center is safest. Anti-anxiety or seizure medications are often prescribed as part of the alcohol addiction treatment to lessen the dangers. Serious side effects of alcohol detox typically subside by the third or fourth week.

 Once the alcohol detox process is over, people can continue with other forms alcohol addiction treatment. An alcoholic rehab center typically provides services to help the recovering alcoholics cope with their mental and emotional dependence on alcohol. Therapy sessions, support meetings, and other treatment services may be provided.

 Alcohol addiction treatment is not an overnight process. A recovering alcoholic may spend up to six months visiting an alcoholic rehab center or using other forms of treatment and support, such as outpatient services and support groups. The first important step is to flush the body of the harmful effects of alcohol, necessary for ability to quit alcohol for life.


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