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Alcoholic Hand Gel

Germ Warfare
Alcoholic Hand Gel
Although alcohol is not something known to be good for us, let alone something which protects us from bad consequences, in the case of hand gel it does just this. Not only is it entirely safe for your body, but a product which contains alcohol is far superior at cleaning hands than one without, which is evident by the fact that it is used in hospitals. There is no need to accompany it with any other type of soap as it does all the work itself and shouldn’t dry out your hands.
We all have millions of germs on our hands at any one time, some very dangerous and as the numbers of people contracting swine flu increases and is set to grow fast in the coming months, it is imperative that people are diligent about keeping themselves clean. Touching hands and surfaces which people’s hands have been on is the most common way in which germs are spread. It is not easy to protect yourself or your loved ones from other people’s germs as you cannot be responsible for other people, however you can for yourself. By carrying an alcoholic hand gel and using it frequently, you are doing the best thing possible to protect yourself as alcoholic hand gels are capable of killing up to 99.999% of bad bacteria. Whether you feel threatened or not, it is a worthwhile precaution to own some hand gel in case somebody within your own family or workplace becomes ill.

When looking for a hand gel, it is important not just to make sure that it contains alcohol, but that it is classified as non hazardous and has also passed all the appropriate tests, such as the bacterial activity test, and is approved by the reputable organisations such as the Food and Drug administration and Health and Safety Executive. It is also safer to the environment if it is biodegradable. If you can obtain this sort of information from a package, a website, or the distributor them self, then you can be confident that you are using a completely safe product. You can find some good brands online, such as germ warfare which is a leader in distributing alcoholic hand gel to homes and companies nationally.
Alcoholic hand gel is a big step towards making sure that you are doing all that you can to stay clean and germ free. It is inexpensive and can save you from worrying about your own safety and that of your family.

Hi, my name is Mike Houlden and I specialise in bacteria and hygiene, I enjoy writing articles about this sort of thing in my spare time.
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