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Alternative Cancer Treatment

Natural therapies take up a “natural”, organic and holistic approach to cancer with the use of physical medicine, counseling, homeopathy, herbs, diet and nutrition that help attain a balance, wellness and fullness of health and life in its many aspects – physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. Other multidimensional therapies to cancer include the use of bio-magnetic and biological therapies, immune-system enhancement and detoxification through the use of natural supplemental treatments and protocols to cancer.

Frequency Generators

The use of frequency generators like rife machines is recommended as a supplementary treatment for cancer because it very gently and quickly reverts cancer cells to normal cells therefore removing the damage and debris caused by cancer cells. The use of the rife machines do not destroy or kill cancer cells. Instead, they convert cancer cells to normal cells therefore, there are no leftover debris from broken DNA and dead cancer cells.

The use of electromedicine is not hindered by the damaged caused by chemotherapy to the digestive organs. Electromedicine can revert or turn back cancer cells to normal cells whether or not damage has been incurred during the chemotherapy.

The limitation to the use of frequency generators is that you cannot use it with Cesium Chloride protocols. The electroporation created by the electromedicine device prevents cesium chloride’s accumulation inside cancer cells and the destruction of these cells.

Limu Juice

Limu juice is said to remarkably prolong the lives of cancer patients, giving main protocols some time to take effect. Therapeutic doses of limu juice is spread into several glasses amounting to sixteen ounces per day.

Aloe Arborescens

Aloe arborescens is part of the Aloe origin and has been used in Europe and Brazil in the treatment and cure for cancer. Aloe arborescens can be a therapy in itself but could be used as supplements to add to the effectiveness of other protocols. Aloe arborescens helps build up the immune or lymphatic system and helps get rid of the cancer cells.

Oxygenated water

High concentrations of oxygen with highly alkaline substances stop cancer from spreading to other body organs. Ionic water can also be given in a highly alkaline quality to increase the desired therapeutic effects. This can also be another stand-alone treatment but can be very effective with rife machines or frequency generators since they both work directly against the cancer. It is not advisable to use water ionizing with cesium chloride since these both alkaline protocols and that the use may be redundant.


A natural cancer supplement made up of five natural products without the caffeine. It’s one superb supplement protocol that greatly improves the overall quality of life, inflammation, pain and mental and spiritual attitude of the patient with cancer. However, you cannot take Protandim the same days with chemotherapy. Protandim is essentially branded as a product with “anti-aging” properties which implies “anti-oxidative stress” properties as well which is highly beneficial to cancer patients.

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