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Health-and-Fitness Cleansing from the Inside Out

14th March 2007 Spring cleaning for your home seems to be a commonplace occurrence in most homes, but spring cleaning for your body? Even the masterpiece that is your body needs some help once in a while to clear out some unhealthy toxins that may have accumulated due to… Read >
Health-and-Fitness What’s the Big Deal with Ion Cleanse?

12th March 2007 When you’re looking for new ways to enhance your health, you stumble upon a number of supplements and devices that all promise to help. But some devices seem to have more promise than others – like the Ion Cleanse Home System, for example. With scientific… Read >
Health-and-Fitness Most people have been led to believe that making positive changes in their health requires dramatic

07th March 2007 Most people have been led to believe that making positive changes in their health requires dramatic alterations to their lifestyle, but this is not the case. By simply adding a few things to your weekly routine and making the effort to help your body help… Read >
Health  Healthcare What Are the Differences Between Ioncleanse and EB305?

05th March 2007 With all of the detoxifying products that are on the market today, it can be confusing to decide which one is the best fit for you and your needs. Every product seems to promise to rid you of all of your complaints and concerns, but who can your trust wit… Read >
Health-and-Fitness A Detox Foot Bath Makes a Great Gift

01st March 2007 The best gift you can give anyone is the gift of good health. If you’re looking for a way to wrap up this present, you can find it in a detox foot bath. Not only is this product a highly effective tool for helping those with health issues feel better, but… Read >
Health-and-Fitness The Benefits of a Cleanse

28th February 2007 Taking a break is something we could all use. But when life doesn’t allow us the luxury, we need to make sure that we’re doing something to help our bodies keep up. With a cleanse, you can enable your body to withstand the rigors of your busy life, while … Read >
Health-and-Fitness Do You Need a Body Detox?

22nd February 2007 Do You Need a Body Detox? Everyone has felt a little run down from time to time. We live stress filled lives that rarely allow for unstructured moments and any attention on our health. But to avoid taking care of ourselves is a harmful decision, even i… Read >
Health-and-Fitness Detox and You: What Have You Heard?

19th February 2007 Detox and You: What Have You Heard? It seems that no matter where you turn these days, someone is talking about health care.Whether it’s the overall construction of the system or simply the idea that people need to focus on their health more, health is… Read >
Health  Healthcare The Benefits of Cleansing Your Body

15th February 2007 Contrary to popular belief and some dubious scientific studies, your body may not be functioning as well as it should. Though doctors and scientists will caution against the idea of a body cleanse, this can truly be an important step along the way to good… Read >
Health  Healthcare If You Need More Energy, Try IonCleanse – better than Aqua Chi?

10th February 2007 Foot bath and foot spa systems such as the Original Ioncleanse or Aqua Chi, offer users aqua detoxification for a multitude of conditions. Instead of allowing the body to build up harmful chemicals, you can rest and relax your feet in this portable machin… Read >


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