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An Aqua Detox Routine Will Only Work If You Use The Purest Water Available

an effective aqua detox program can help you to rid your body of impurities, but only if the water youe flushing your system with is of the highest possible quality. You need to ensure that your water is purified of all toxins before embarking on a cleansing program. You can depend on someone else to purify your water for you, because expecting the water treatment facilities to take care of everything can get you into trouble.

 Our reservoirs have become contaminated by almost 80,000 different industrial chemicals, and the treatment facilities are not capable of removing even a single one of them. That is because these facilities were designed for demineralization of the water in our reservoirs, and not for removing toxic substances of equal or lesser molecular weight than the water being filtered.
 The fact that all of these chemicals are present in the water being pumped into your home is certainly not conducive to a successful aqua detox regimen. You are actually adding toxins and carcinogenic compounds, which are going to take up residence in your organs and soft tissue. Continuing to drink unfiltered tap water is a guaranteed way to set yourself up for illness somewhere down the road.

 Studies have shown that it is possible to take in five to nine different chemicals in each glass of tap water you drink, and you are assured of taking in at least one carcinogenic agent. The chemical I am referring to is chlorine, which has been used for over a century to cleanse our drinking water of disease bearing parasites. Chlorine is blamed by many of causing the tremendous rise in cancer over the last hundred years.

 Don think that you can escape toxins in water by choosing to drink bottled water products for your aqua detox program, because bottled products are not guaranteed to be any cleaner than tap water. Much of the time tap water is exactly what you are getting when you buy one of these products. All that is done to the tap water is light filtering to improve on taste and odor.

 It is allowable for bottled water to contain chemical contaminants, so long as they don exceed a certain limit. One thing that makes these products dangerous is that when manufactured and sold in the same state there is no testing for chemical excess. There have been times when recalls have been necessary, because the water had up to 15 times the allowable limit for carcinogens.

 What you need in order to ensure your aqua detox routine is successful is order a drinking water purification system for your home. A four filter system featuring a multi media block, granular activated carbon, an ion exchange, and a sub micron filter will remove 99% of the contaminants in your drink that currently threaten your health. You need one of these systems in order to keep the poisons in water from you and your family.

 An aqua detox routine will only work if the purest possible water is used.

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