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An Introduction to Detox

Many Americans are shockingly ignorant about what a healthy diet would look like, and until they become educated in the nutritional changes that will restore them will never really enjoy the experience of true well being. But by turning to the process of detoxification, or detox for short, they can begin to reduce the amount of toxins which they are inviting into their systems.

And detox will also cleanse their livers, kidneys, lymphatic systems, and intestines of the toxins which have accumulated there over time, so that those organs can in turn cleanse the rest of the body from accumulated wastes as they are meant to do. Every child enters the world with a body which knows in its very cells how to isolate, neutralize, and eliminate toxic substances, but the combination of nutritionally empty diets and widespread environmental pollution eventually overwhelms that cellular knowledge.

So if your natural detox mechanism has faltered under its burden, starting your won detox program will restore it. There are a wide range of detox methods from which you can choose, but the most widely followed are detox diet programs. These detox plans will eliminate certain foods from your diets while introducing others, which are chosen for their systemic cleansing properties and high nutritional value.

Other popular forms of detox include colon cleanses, water or juice fasts, or the application of detox patches to the soles of the feet each night to draw toxins from the body’s organs while their wearer is asleep.

No matter what form of detox you choose, it will be affecting two of you body’s main systems. Both your immune or antioxidation system, and your liver, your body’s second largest organ, are targeted by detox programs to work with the cardiovascular and elimination systems to flush the accumulated toxins from your tissues. Detox will restore liver function, and a healthy liver is the foundation to a healthy human being.

Detox will also flush excess fluids from your body, and because it can speed the rate at which your body metabolizes and eliminates fats, can cause healthy weight loss. While detox should not be used primarily for weight loss, this added benefit has only increased its popularity.

Although beginning a detox diet will mean some dramatic changes in the way you eat, and can even cause some unpleasant short-term side effects as toxins are flushed into you bloodstream prior to being eliminated, the positives of detox more than outweigh the negatives. But be sure to consult with your personal physician to make sure that you are an appropriate candidate for detox before you begin!

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