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Anti AgingStop Wrinkles Before They Start

It makes sense to stop wrinkles before they start. Sometimes they are stubborn and appear anyway. Prevention and Cure are two avenues that must be addressed. Let’s look at what works and what does not. Read and Heed Please.

 It takes a specific blend of natural compounds in order to firm your skin, and smooth out wrinkles. Most of the formulas on the market designed to make your skin look younger don even come close to having what it takes in order to get the job done.

 Toxic Chemicals in Wrinkle Creams

 What you will typically find in wrinkle reduction products is little more than a mixture of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals, and skin firming compounds that are incapable of changing the way that you look. You may think that I am exaggerating as to how bad these formulas actually are, and I wish that I was. The fact is though, that these formulas can do you no good at all.

 Wrong Ingredients Do Your Skin No Good

 The primary wrinkle reducing compounds found in most anti aging wrinkles creams are collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These compounds are too molecularly dense for your skin to be able to absorb them, and so they are therefore useless to you. The cosmetics companies use these compounds simply because people recognize them, and few people realize that it is impossible for them to work.

 At least these compounds are not harmful to your health however, as are the chemical agents that make up the bulk of these formulas. These chemical compounds are not even necessary for these companies to use as ingredients, because there are natural compounds that are just as effective as preservatives and antibacterial agents. Companies just use chemicals because they are cheaper than natural compounds are.

 Remove the Skin Care Risk

 I find it quite disturbing that billion dollar companies are putting your life at risk in order to save a couple of dollars on their anti aging wrinkles creams. These ingredients house themselves in the soft tissue of your body once absorbed. Once they build up enough strength they can cause you a myriad of health problems, including cancer and organ failure due to high levels of toxicity.

 What Your Skin Care Should Contain

 Plant based ingredients, proteins, and enzymes are what you want in your cosmetics formulas. Plant oil are the most beneficial substances for your skin, because they not only penetrate deeply and moisturize effectively, but the also provide necessary antioxidants and essential nutrients to the skin. And, you would be amazed at what certain proteins, enzymes, and extracts will do.

 There is one line of anti aging wrinkles creams that features an enzyme and protein complex mixture that will elevate the rate at which collagen and elastin molecules are produced. They pair this compound with a kelp extract that prevent the degradation of your hyaluronic acid by the hyaluronidase enzymes in your skin. These ingredients go by the names Cynergy TK, and Phytessence Wakame.

 Must Have Ingredients

 These are the two compounds that you need in your anti aging wrinkles cream if you are going to be successful in smoothing out the lines on your skin. If you want to use something that is both safe and extremely effective, then a formula utilizing Cynergy TK and Phytessence Wakame is just what you need.

 And now please visit the XtendSkinCare website listed below for updated information on anti aging wrinkles.

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