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Apparent Causes Of Cellulite

Cellulite afflicts anyone irrespective of whether they are slim or fat and there appear to be no known cure for cellulite. Both men and women can get cellulite but women are more likely to get it. The apparent causes of cellulite have been an unanswered question to all and mystify many but it has been established that cellulite consists of little pockets of fat that is found just beneath the skin.

 Women being vainer are more concern about the causes and cure as they hate it when they are afflicted with the hideous looks. It is one of the most unwelcome shocks that a woman can get. Imagine you are wearing a bikini at the beach and someone comes near you and ask you what that is the unsightly little dots on your tights and buttocks. Will that hit hard? I bet it will dent your fragile ego and pride. So off those bikini and beaches and remain eternally covered until a solution is found to eradicate it.

 Will a cure ever be found as cellulite can be seen at places where thighs, buttocks and hips are the likely body parts that are afflicted and result in an unpleasant growth on the skin? A body consists of fat layers just below the skin as well as collagen fibers that bond fat to skin. Once the skin broadens as a result of lack of exercise, it will cause fat cells to pop which produces the “cottage cheese” look.

 Cellulite could be caused by gene but nobody is certain about it as it will afflict slim or fat people. The wrong diet can be a factor in the growth of the hideous cellulite as well as slower metabolism and drinking insufficient quantities of water each day.

 Removing cellulite is a multimillion industry as many fork out thousands of dollars each year through sliming, body wraps in addition to creams just to bid farewell to cellulite. Those mentioned are just the a few out there as there are plethora of products out in the market.

 Cellulite causes a lot of awkwardness to many especially women and there is thus far no long term solution to eradicate the unsightly bumps. One fact that most will not enjoy hearing is that once you have cellulite, it is permanent and even surgical procedure cannot completely remove the “cottage cheese” look.

 Although you cannot completely eliminate cellulite, it can still be diminished through leading an active lifestyle by exercising, a vigorous massage on the affected part to smoothen it as well as drinking sufficient quantities of water, a proper diet of fruits and vegetables, anti-cellulite cream and surgical procedure.

 The best action is to deter it from occurring by putting in place measures before cellulite can form. Do all the exercises you need and eat well as well as drink adequately.
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