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Aqua Detox–discover The Reason Why So Many Fail Unnecessarily

An aqua detox is probably the most effective and natural way to eliminate the toxins from our body. Find out why it is that so many people are unsuccessful, despite their best efforts, as they overlook one crucial element.

 Pure healthy water!

 I know this may seem obvious to you, but it is not actually that easy. The reason is that our tap water, although it varies from state to state, has been shown to contain thousands of toxic chemicals from lead and chlorine to growth hormones and antibiotics.

 This is the reason why most people’s aqua detox is unsuccessful, as you are drinking in the very toxins you are trying to eliminate!

 This is a shame as scientists and nutritionists agree that water is by far the best detoxifier and all we really need. The multi-million pound detox product market has no scientific evidence to back it up, and is simply a waste of time and money and can even burden the body further with its ingredients.

 Pure water will act as as solvent, transportant, and dispersant, and encourages the cells to release stored toxins for elimination by the liver and kidneys. The higher the quality, the more efficient the removal.

 If your aqua detox involves fasting with only water, please do not prolong it for more than 24 hours and make sure you do not drink excessive amounts as this can be harmful, around 2 liters a day is sufficient.

 The only way to protect yourself from contaminants these days is with a home water purifier. Of the many on the market, the most effective ones use a multi-stage process and an activated carbon filter to successfully remove 99% of all the toxins. This type will also leave in essential minerals like potassium and calcium that we need to stay healthy.

 Then you can have the peace of mind that not only will your aqua detox be a total success, but that you are safeguarding the health of those around you not only for today, but for the future as well.

 Visit my website today if you would like to learn more about which systems I recommend to use and which to avoid.

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