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Are Ionic Foot Baths A Scam

Many people swear by ionic foot baths as a way to detox your body. I was very fascinated myself and was fortunate enough to get a session.
 What are ionic foot baths?
 Well, they look a lot like one of the foot baths you can buy With the ionic one, you place your feet in their ‘bowl’ which you have filled with water and add their little ionic charge unit, which charges the water with ions. Hold your feet immersed for 20-30 minutes and you can actually (see the liquid slowly changing color – from clear to dark and murky!Take your feet out and dry them and toss the liquid away. Operation complete!
 The Good News
 The ionic foot spa is a detox system using water and aqua ions for a total bio energy detox. This method enables you to detox your body in a very simple manner. As you can observe from the color of the liquid, this system gets rid of waste matter in your body in minutes. The footbath generates a negative ion atmosphere, similar to a walk along a secluded beach. Toxins and excess waste are literally soaked out of your body gently and easily. Many health care professionals suggest this and as well as purchasing a unit yourself, you can actually go and have the procedure done at a therapy center.

 There is a lot of controversy about this procedure. There is a lot of controversy about this procedure. There are reports that say the water will change color even without any feet in it. Personally, I used this at home and tested it without feet and the liquid didn’t change color but remained clear. But when I put my feet in the bath, it really did change color. When I also had athe procedure done at a trade show, I was able to see that different people had various results (as they should, of course, as every body is unique) with the liquid turning various shades of green and brown.
 I believe you should do research on the internet and talk with people at facilities like spas and health clinics to make up your own mind.
 Find out more about ionic foot baths and if they work or not. For more resources visit

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