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Are Ionic Foot Baths Good For a Detox

Ionic foot baths have been around for some time now and it seems people are definitely divided into two camps – the ones who think they’re great and the ones who think they’re a huge scam. So what’s the deal here? Obviously we need to find out more.

What exactly is an ionic foot bath, I can hear you ask? Well if you can think of those foot spas you can buy at stores like Wal-Mart – you put water in them, plug them in and put your feet in for a luxurious soak and a massage as well. Well, an ionic foot bath does look similar to that but there’s a cable with a apparatus at the end which you insert into the water. This gives off the negative ions which run through the water (and your feet because they’re IN the water).

These ions gently draw out built-up toxins in your body and you will find that the clear water now turns mid to dark green or brown, often with specs in it. There is a whole chart of what exactly the colors, etc. mean – i.e. which toxins have been expelled. For example a person who smokes, or has smoked, will be releasing different toxins to someone who hasn’t smoked. Even heavy metals have been drawn out from the body into the water. You soak your feet for up to half an hour and you’re done. Once isn’t enough though, and many people go through a series of these treatments until their body is ‘clean’.

You can sign up for one treatment or a whole series. Natural health practitioners often have them, so do health clinics. Even a professional doing one therapy – like a reflexologist or a massage therapist, may offer an ionic foot bath treatment as well. You can, of course, buy the footbath yourself. They cost between $500 to well over $1000 depending on what the machine offers. There are lots of websites that offer them so you can easily find out on the internet.

However, there is a lot of controversy about them and some people think they are total scams, robbing people of their money. I had a treatment at a trade show so I was lucky enough to see other people’s results as well. Of course, not everyone had the same color water at the end of the session, but then that seems obvious. If someone is on toxic overload, it would be easy to see that their water would be a different color than say a health conscious vegetarian. There is a chart explaining the different colors, sediment and flecks in the water – whether it is from heavy metal, detox material from joints, liver, gallbladder, from tobacco, etc. etc. I was impressed with the procedure.

I would definitely suggest that you do your own research and make up your own mind. You can find lots of information and products on the internet and it will help you decide what truth is about ionic foot baths. You can also visit facilities that offer this procedure and talk to the people concerned. There are lots of options.

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