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Arthritis Pain Relief

There is a lot that can be said about an arthritis cure but have you notice that cures can often be evasive or non-existence. At least, these miracles are not known to the general public. Man’s quest to find the impossible has been documented throughout history. Cures I believe exist for every disease known to man. If this was not true, why are we trying to find them. When it comes to arthritis however, simple remedies can lead to arthritis pain relief if not maybe an actual cure.

 This kind of aquatic therapy known also as water aerobics has benefits for people who may not otherwise be able to withstand the effects of land-based exercise such as running, jogging or even regular walking. When you run or jog, your body weight is increased up to 5 times more each time your heel hits the ground. When your body is in water it becomes buoyant and the impact of any motion on your body is greatly reduced.

 It is also a great idea for individuals who are concerned about getting Arthritis for one reason or another. Since this condition tends to run in families, it is a good idea to prepare in advance for the possibility that you may have this condition in your older years. By building up the strength in this area of your body and keeping it conditioned you may be able to alleviate a lot of the Arthritis problems in pain before they even begin.

 There are many benefits to eating a healthy diet and exercising and one of the obvious benefits is weight loss. Losing weight will help keep the stress levels on your joints to a minimum which can help a great deal for people that have arthritis in their knees.

 Most doctors recommend a three month trial of glucosamine. After three months, it is recommended that the patient access whether the glucosamine has improved their joint pain. If not, the glucosamine should be discontinued. If there is a noticeable improvement in joint pain, the patient may continue to take the supplement.

 Acupuncture is another alternative arthritis pain relief you might like to try. This is an ancient Chinese method of pain relief. It can also be used for many other medical conditions. It’s not a certified method of treatment, or a certified pain reliever, but many people find it very effective in reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

 Exercise is one of the most effective thing we can do to decrease arthritis pain. Simple exercises like walking 30 minutes a day has so many benefits. Exercising causes us to release endorphins which are our natural pain killers. The result is decrease pain and improve joint mobility.

 Some fruits and herbs are thought to be good for those who suffer from this ailment. Greek fruits and vegetables can be found blended in a capsule. Ginger can be taken as a tincture, capsule or in tea. Cayenne Pepper or capsicums are another possible source of arthritis pain relief because they are good for the circulation.

 Another possible option is massage therapy. Massage helps to relax the muscles surrounding the affected area, which in turn helps to reduce the pain. It can also relax you overall, reducing tension, which indirectly can help reduce the levels of pain you’re experiencing. If you’re interested in herbal remedies, there are many natural herbs and remedies that are recommended for arthritis pain relief.

 Treatments are aimed at relieving pain associated with the disease, but with severe joint damage, constant pain may be unavoidable at that stage of the disease. Recognizing early osteoarthritis symptoms leads to early treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment help manage knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

 Additionally, discuss with your doctor about whether to use hot or cold packs for pain relief, as the type of arthritis you have will dictate which is best. Many patients find joint stabilization (splints) very helpful in relieving their arthritis pain.

 Massage is also helpful in managing pain, but because the affected area may be very sensitive, a professional massage therapist familiar with arthritis pain is best suited for this. If necessary, your doctor can prescribe medications to help control the pain, but these are some tips as to what you can do yourself.

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