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Back Acne Body Remedy Treatment – Get Rid Of Back Acne Cure

Everyone at some point in their lives have encountered acne. While facial acne is usually the most common, there are other areas of your body which can be proned to acne as well. Other anatomic areas like your back can suffer acne too. As you can’t see your back, you might not be aware but there might be acne present. Your back pores can potentially be clogged due to extra sebum on the surface of your skin. As a result, the cells become dead and can’t escape the skin. Along with the sebum, they attract bacteria and this aids in the formation of acne. While a back acne body remedy treatment is the same as a facial acne, the back is more complicated since it’s larger and is not within reach easily. To get rid of back acne and cure it, it definitely takes much more time as well. Here are 11 tips to prevent and cure back acne.

(1) Always find a way to wash your back well during your shower to unclog blocked pores, dead skin and to remove any impurities. You might have recourse to a back scrubber or simply a towel whereby you place it behind your back and with your hands pushing backwards, you slide the towel softly on your back horizontally. Also, rinse your back well to remove any soap or shampoo which contain chemicals resulting in the drying up of your skin and making it itchy. Your back acne can become irritated.

(2) Avoid wearing too tight clothes as they can irritate your back acne causing it to proliferate.

(3) Use special soaps containing salicylic acid to wash your back and remove the excess oil.

(4) The use of dried green tea leaves is a natural healer. Read my article “Natural Acne Skin Care Treatment” where I talked about this method.

(5) You can use aloe vera cream to alleviate and refresh your back acne. Green tea acne cream is a good option as well as it will nourish your skin and the tea extract has amazing curing benefits.

(6) Your back acne will be itchy sometimes but never squeeze and pop them out because they will spread the infection to other areas of your skin and can aid in the proliferation of acne. Also you can leave small holes in your skin when removing the germ making it ugly. Blood might come out as well.

(7) Stress is a major culprit in triggering acne as it’s responsible for the overproduction of hormones in your body. When the latter generates too many hormones, your sebaceous glands produce more oil and the extra oil also known as the sebum will appear on your skin surface. This is how you can have oily skin because of this sticky substance called the sebum. Oily skin is proned to developing acne. So it’s recommended to avoid stress as far as you can or deal with it effectively by means of relaxation, exercising, yoga, deep breathing techniques, taichi, meditating, taking a warm bath and forgetting about your problems amongst others.

(8) After exercising, be sure to take your shower a few minutes after cooling down. You need to wash the sweat because it can clog your pores which can result in acne. Talking about exercise, do it regularly as it will prevent you from having acne. In our lives, we are stressed and as mentioned above, this result in the overproduction of hormones and exercising has the benefit of rebalancing your hormones surplus provoked by stress. Engage in physical activities like jogging, brisk walking, cycling and swimming for instance. Static exercises can help too.

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