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Be Safer By Using Accessories For Your Ladders

Wouldnt it be fantastic if there were a way to make your ladders safer without having to purchase a new one? Well there is: ladder accessories.

 By securing your ladders and stopping them from slipping, you can reduce potential accidents dramatically.

 This is extremely useful when contemplating working at height.

 Accessories can range from ladder feet, used to prevent your ladders from slipping from the ground, to clamps and hooks, used to secure them to whatever they are leaning against.

 If a ladder is unsupported or balanced incorrectly, you are open to an accident. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has rules when it comes to placing the ladders.

 Accessories help meet these rules and are suitable for both domestic and industrial use.

 For example, ladder stabilisers can be a very vital piece of equipment for you to use when climbing up on your roof or cleaning windows.

 As you go upwards, your centre of gravity of ladder shifts. As you reach the top, the ladder could be pushed to tipping point, tip on one side and fall to the ground. Either you fall off or youre left hanging from the top of the building.

 Ladder stabilisers mean your ladder won’t wobble and you will feel very safe while in high places my roof with the ladder and the best part is that the ladder hold on the wall is very strong.

 Among the other advantages are that ladder stabilisers prevent damage to your home or other structures, they are extremely easy-to-use and cost effective.

 These kinds of accessories strengthen the grip of the ladder, preventing it from falling or sliding backwards.

 The accessories must comply with regulations as set out by the HSE.

 Another important piece of ladder safety equipment, often used in industry are harnesses.

 These are typically used by construction workers to prevent them from falling from unsafe heights and possibly, injuring themselves.

 The proper use of safety harnesses can prevent death or serious injury while working or participating in a leisure activity.

 Current statistics of deaths at work support the need of safety harnesses. Features include a series of straps and buckles made of various materials.

 Most are made of nylon and nylon webbing. Other materials include different types of foam, mesh and micro fleece.

 The harness tends to be adjustable to fit the person using it. Some harness safety systems may have various weight restrictions.

 Construction workers typically wear full-body harnesses that connect to a safety rope.

 If a worker falls, the harness’s connection to the rope helps keep the worker from falling to the ground if used properly. Their harness systems consist of connectors, anchorage and a full-body harness.

 Browns Ladders provides a full range of ladder accessories for any task imaginable. With safety as the companys top priority you can be assured of the best products available.

 The ladder accessories range ensures the ladder grips the floor or wall it is up against.



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