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Beats By Dr Dre Design That Cups Perfectly

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 beats by dr dre design that cups perfectly
 Beats headphones are ust fashion accessories for teenagers. Before buying an headphones, ou hould read this: http://bit.ly/beatsDre
 Ever wndr why ou never see the beng ud n recording beats pro? Radio stations? Or why Beats (and Bose) r onl sold in department stores and nt in high end audio stores?
 Are Beats bettr thn th $20 cheap beats pro u’re ud to? Certainly. Are they a good valu nd the bet headphone for the money? Definitely not. If ou’ve nver heard $200 pair f Sennheisers or Sony MDB7506 thn ou dn’t knw what u’re missing.
 Value fr Price – a lot of people hv issues with pair of headphones that cost $300, however, th headphones are perfect fr anyn who enjoys music with lot f bass and t hear little to no background noise.
 Sound Quality- The beats excel beond ny other headphone n terms of bass. I ctuall had t take ff my Bass Booster n my iPhone’s EQ in order fr my ears nt to completely vibrate haha. I wouldn’t recommend buying ths cheap beats Detox if u’re mor into soft nd jazz style music, then u wuld not b gettng yur money’s worth.
 beats pro wuld not b gettng yur money’s worth
 Comfort- They offer a unique design that cups perfectly round your ears. They feel light and fter while, u forget they re vn on our head.
 Durability- They r made with durable materials, HOWEVER, whn you put them n and tke them off it doe sem lik t culd break if yu pull thm aart far. I’m ur thy are ctully mwhat hard t break but I’d rther not try 😉

 The beats Detox r nly for certan listeners. Only if you lke lows nd highs when it m with t music. The Klipsch S4 in ear headphones hv much mr bass than these! The beats re amazing t noise canceling, and regarding comfort thy re vry comfortable! My problem wth thm was highs, fr examl celion dione and m rell high notes were distorted.
 If u lk onl lows nd mids, with motly mids, nd pretty good bass, thn g wth these! If ou wnt omethng with a higher range g with Klipsch r Bose.
 I wll warn ou though, THESE ARE NOT WORTH $300, BELIEVE WHAT YOU WANT THOUGH. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE NOISE CANCELING AND BEATS LOGO!!! Also, the run n batteries, s thts an extra investment.
 beats Detox th sound s horrible
 Hello i wanted t but ths head phones becuase i s i alot of people of ll ages wearing them n th street o i dicided to buy it
 Pros/ cable cord s cool lokng and the beats Detox Headphones sytle s ultra nice and thats it
 Cons/ th head phones re vr priced thes hould cost only like 100 dollars nl thy cost mr becuase th hv dr dre nme n t th sound s horrible th headphones sound lke m head phones tht cost lk 60 dollars when u listen t rap r m music that h beats yu cn nt hear th subwoofer { i don’t knw what yu call when t tremble dwn th sound ] mstl the headphones u cn hear 70 percent f th voice in othr words the voice i mre heard thn the music i give th sound a 3 for th price
 if you re person tht likes headphones for making beats thi s not your headphone f u lke to waste yur money n overrated beats by dr dre s th your
 i recommend th Sony – Extra Bass Over-the-Ear Headphones with re better fr beat making nd ar more comfort ok

 As far as Cheap beats Pro headphones go, th sound great BUT the included iSoniTalk cable is not compatible with the iPhone 4. This means yu CANNOT make or tak calls wth these headphones.
 I called th company nd th confirmed this. I asked wh thir packaging says, “Compatible w/ iPhone” n th box. The woman t Monster said, “Well, w’r working n fix nd might me ut wth t someday… so, we really dn’t want to go nd change ll tho boxes ust in case!” Not the greatest company in th world beats headphones.


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