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Face is the most essential part of the body and radiant face is the first step to look great. We love to look our best at any season and occasion but the environmental change restricts us from flaunting our flawless skin. Changes in temperature and other weather conditions may call for adjustments in your skin care. Let’s check out some face care tips which we can adopt to fight against the harms caused to it because of climatic change. SUMMER CARE One of the most horrifying problems faced by our skin in summers is sun burn. To fight against this issue, one should always apply broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF formulation that will protect both UVA and UVB rays. Reapply once every 2 hours. “Too much of exposure to sun leads to pigmentation of the skin and as a result the tanning effect start taking place, so one should always go for SPF formulated sun screen lotions. Don’t forget your hair line or ears which are often neglected,” stated Naina Balsavar, the beauty expert.
 Pigmentation is also caused due to over exposure of sunlight. Premature aging, wrinkles, sagging are some of the reasons which one should take extra care during summer. “Acne and blemishes are caused by various factors like hormornal imbalances, bacterial infections and pollutions and not really high humidity in fact clean moisture is good for the skin,” said stylist Clint Fernandes. Blossom Kochhar highlighted, “In India, we face two types of summers – hot and dry and hot and humid. During dry season, the skin tends to become dry as a result one should opt for cream based face cleansers. And the emergence of humid temperature results in open pores and oily skin resulting in rashes, boils and pimples.” Have at least 12 glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration and loss of moisture from the skin. “It keeps your skin hyderated and also helps in cleansing your bowels so as to be free from any kind of acne or boils which are caused due to such reasons,” Naina added. Eat lots of juicy fruits or have juices.

 Avoid oily and fried food as much as possible. The best solution to get rid of all the skin problems is to keep the face clean. Always follow the three step process – cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Clint added, “One should wash the face regularly with a good ph balanced face wash and then use a toner after followed with an oil free moisturizer. Do this at least 3 times during the day also keep oil absorbing tissues handy.” And the skin healing procedure is definitely incomplete without exfoliation. WINTER CARE Winter season can be extremely stressful for our skin due to strong chilly winds and cold temperatures outside and drying-low humidity inside.
 The cold temperatures result in poor blood circulation of the facial skin. As a result your skin does not get enough nutrients and oxygen and all the healthy, regenerative processes in your skin slow down. Henceforth, skin looses its glow and becomes dull. Clint also added, “Use a slightly heavy moisturizer in colder climate after your face wash and toner. Avoid washing your face too often during the day as it will dry out your skin during winter time.”

 “In winters, the dry cold winds attack the skin and causes dry red patches and wrinkles. Always use oil based creams and moisturizers as skin loses moisture more quickly than it replenish it. The extra-rich emollients in moisturizers help seal in the water below the skin surface and act as a barrier against external conditions,” added Blossom. Protect the delicate areas near eyes from winter chill by wearing those trendy and chic sunglasses. Apply a good eye cream at day and night keeps wrinkles at a bay. Naina informed, “To stay away from dried and flaked lips, petroleum jelly based lip balms and lip therapies are the best solution. Butter and ghee are very effective in curing chapped lips and renders an extra softness.” A proper nutritious intake helps in rejuvenating the skin from within. Be it is any season water plays an important role in keeping your skin alive.
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