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Best Cleanser For Women – Tips to Cleanse Your Face and Body Naturally

Cleansing the body & face internally as well as externally can be a tedious job for women. Our body is exposed to so many toxins, that detoxification at least once every season is a must. In case you select chemicals to do so they might land up in irreparable side effects.

An anti-aging product firstly should contain sun block, which will protect the skin from insensitive UV rays, a known cause of skin diseases such as cancer and wrinkles. Anti-aging creams can really help once the appearance of wrinkles has begun. However, prevention is always the best treatment. The secret to preventing aging lies in one of the simplest and biggest aspects of our lives.

Here are some tips to cleanse your face & body naturally:

 Avoid caffeine and alcohol. They damage the skin and add toxins to the body. They also damage the immunity system of the body.

 As a part your daily routine, wash your face with a face wash. Then apply deep cleansing milk in order to cleanse the face. Then wipe the face with a toner and finally apply the moisturizer.

 Have your meals on time and never miss them. Also stress ion having a balanced diet.

 Drink lots of water. Ideally to have a hydrated skin and cleansed body you must drink 10 glasses of pure spring water every day.

 You should body massage once a week.

 Have lots of raw fruits & vegetables in the form of salads & juices.

 Have an anti oxidant & proteins rich breakfast. For instance have acai juice or goji berry juice.

 Avoid junk foods, processed foods, rice & sugar.

 Keep a spray bottle with you containing equal portions of milk & water. Spray it on your face in every 2 hours. It would maintain the hydration & the elasticity of the skin.

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