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Best Detox Methods – Ways to Rid Your Body of Harmful Substances

One of the best destinations in the world for following detoxification programs is Thailand. Thailand detox spas, apart from the natural beauty and serene surroundings offer a relaxed environment where you can enjoy body cleansing processes. Basically, body cleansing or detoxification processes are important for everyone because it helps in throwing out the toxic waste that gets accumulated in the human body over the years. Once the toxic waste is removed, the human body and internal organs like kidney, gall bladder, liver, and intestine will perform very well and the immune system will also become stronger. It can be compared to overhauling a machine or car so that it becomes cleaner and better.

There are several Thailand detox spas that offer various types of cleansing processes. But all detox centers in Thailand are not reputable enough and hence you will need to be extremely cautious while choosing one. Some of the top detoxification centers in Thailand offer information related to pre-cleansing and this is very important for someone attending a body cleansing process for the first time.

Here is an insight into some of the important pre cleansing information:

You will have to undergo a minimum of 1-3 days of pre cleansing. Most top detox centers in Thailand recommend that you should ideally start pre cleansing at least 10 days or a week in advance or prior to the commencement of the detox program. This is highly recommended because it can help increase the efficiency of the cleansing process.

During the pre-cleansing process, your food intake will constitute fruits and vegetables. Most preferred form of fruits or vegetables include olive oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and mixed fruit salad. It is advised to stay away from caffeine or sugary drinks during this time. Maximum intake of fresh water is also recommended.

Normally, most detox programs in Thailand are for duration of 7 days. So going through a 10-day pre cleansing program will benefit you as it will slowly prepare the body for the full detoxification program. When you are mentally and physically prepared, it is easier to follow the detox programs.

Before starting the process of pre-cleansing, you will need to reduce the intake of fatty food and complex carbohydrates. Types of food that you need to give up include fish and meat, dairy products except yogurt, eggs or poultry products, sugar, bread, coffee or caffeinated tea, alcohol, etc.

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