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Beware Detox Foot PatchesPads Claims

Anyone interested in using a detox foot patch will immediately discover that there is a plethora of brands on the market today. The problem for the consumer is which one to choose.
 Many patches claim to be the ORIGINAL and the BEST but their ads and websites may be deceiving the consumer.
 How can you determine which patch is the ORIGINAL.
 If you check closely, you will probably find patches that claim to use the original formula, not that they are the original patch. All the formulas for detox foot pads have some connection with the ORIGINAL formula, but beware of questionable claims. The original formula is patented in the US and Japan and can only be used by Kawase Takara(tm) – the original foot patch.
 Another simple way to determine the original detox foot patch is by seeing Dr. Kawase Itsuko, and only Dr. Kawase Itsuko in relation to the patch. Many websites reference multiple Doctors and always include Dr. Kawase Itsuko in the mix. That is because, they need Dr. Itsuko’s name to lend credibility. On Kawase Takara(tm) websites you will note that Dr. Kawase Itsuko stands alone as the Pioneer of the Detox Foot Patch.

 How do you determine which is the BEST?
 One key measurement of quality is where and how the detox foot patches are manufactured. Very few are manufactured in JAPAN – most are made on CHINA or KOREA. Be sure to carefully check where the patch is manufactured. Do not be fooled be phrases such as “originally formulated in Japan”. This does not mean the brand you are looking at is actually made in Japan. For the best quality, look for patches manufactured in Japan, in a sterile environment, such as Kawase Takara(tm), which is also pre-tested to ensure they are toxin free.
 Often a website will boast that their detox foot patches are of the highest quality, but when you begin to compare them to other patches they fall short of their claim.
 Another item often looked at by the consumer as a sign of quality in detox foot patches is the Negative Ion Reading. Detox foot pads are often manufactured and charged with negative ions to ensure effective neutralization of free radicals from toxins; but the amount of negative ions vary greatly from brand to brand. Kawase Takara(tm) has the highest Negative Ion Reading at 1689.

 For more information please visit: http://www.4kawase.com.


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 Do Not Use if Allergic to Shellfish.


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