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Bladder Infection Home Remedies – Fact You Should Know About The Infection

Urinary tract infection could affect any section of the urinary tract – the urethra, the bladder, the ureters and the kidneys. Usually the infections happen in the bladder. Bladder infections are also known as cystitis that exactly means an inflammation of the bladder. Hopefully there are many Bladder Infection Home Remedies that could help you.

 Risk Factors

 Some people are more likely than others to get bladder infections. Females tend to suffer from them more often than gents because their urethra is shorter and nearer to the anus. Women who are expecting a baby, going through menopause or using a diaphragm for birth control are most prone to get bladder infections. Guys who have prostate inflammation or overgrowth will too be more likely to have bladder infections. Risk factors which can be relevant to both males and women are; kidney stones, sexual intercourse with many partners, narrowed urethra, immobility such as convalescing from hip fracture or patients in coma, not drinking an adequate amount of fluid, bowel incontinence and catheterization. Elderly people and diabetics are also at higher danger of bladder infections.


 The symptoms of a bladder infection vary. A person can have any or every of them. Young children may have simply a fever or no symptoms at all. For adults, the signs can include; tenderness in the lower pelvis, pain or burning during urination, frequent or urgent need to go to a toilet feeling, urge to urinate at night, cloudy urine, blood in the urine, foul or strong urine smell, sore sexual intercourse, penis ache, side pain, vomiting, fever and chills and mental changes or confusion. 


 From time to time, a minor bladder infection would clear up on its own. Antibiotics can generally recommended, since there might be a risk of the infection moving to the kidneys. In order to protect their growing kidneys, children must be treated promptly with antibiotics. Aged people should also be treated with antibiotics promptly. When immediate treatment is not started, there is a greater chance of critical complications. Also for a mild infection you could follow Bladder Infection Home Remedies.


 Bladder infections can usually be prevented. By following these Bladder Infection Home Remedies, the infection could be prevented or else the frequency minimized. Keep your genital region clean and wipe from front to back. Consume a lot of fluids and stay away from fluids which irritate the bladder walls, like alcohol and caffeine. Drink cranberry juice unless you have a family history of kidney stones. Wear cotton or some other breathable cloth underwear. Do not douche or use similar feminine sanitation products. Go to a toilet right after sexual intercourse.

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