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Body Cleanse the Herbal Way

Toxins are everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink and surprisingly in the food we eat. Toxins affect the functioning of the liver, the kidney and the lungs. To stay safe in a world full of toxins, a body cleanse will be of much help. A body cleanse will normally involve colon cleanse or an ion foot bath detoxification to be carried out by a medical doctor. However, today, herbal colon cleanse is gaining immense popularity because it is a cheaper method of cleansing the body and it is very effective. Details about herbal colon cleansing are as listed below.


The benefits of doing detoxification the herbal way are many. Herbal detoxification of the colon can simply be performed at the comfort of the home without the need for a medical doctor. This makes it an affordable way to clean the colon. Mostly what is involved in herbal detoxification is the intake of certain foods and drinks like traditional Chinese tea and foods mixed with ginger. This will further help in improving someone’s health. Ginger has particularly been found to be great for body cleansing. Ginger also helps in rejuvenating appetite and remedying common diseases like common colds.

Tips for performing herbal cleanse

There are many herbal cleanse products available. Some are simply natural products like ginger, coptis and prickly ash. Prickly ash and coptis are herbs with liver cleaning properties. Some products are pharmaceutical herbal drugs manufactured using natural existing herbs.

The first tip in herbal cleansing is to always opt for the real herbs such as ginger, cayenne and prickly ash instead of opting for pharmaceutical drugs made using the natural existing herbs. This is because pharmaceutical drugs even if they are made using herbs will add more toxins to the body.

When carrying out herbal colon cleansing, the herbs used should be mixed with food or tea. Herbs should not be ingested directly or boiled in water and then taken directly. This can pose risk to ones health. The best way to take herbs is to mix them with tea or with food. Ginger particularly, can be boiled with tea or cooked with food. The recipes showing how to incorporate colon-cleaning herbs in the foods cooked are available online.

Another tip when dealing with herbs is to avoid overdosing. No matter how good ginger, prickly ash, milk thistle and other herbs are in cleansing the colon, when overdosed they will end up poisoning the body.

Making herbal cleansing a lifestyle

Herbal body cleansing has one distinct advantage and this is; it can easily be incorporated into one’s lifestyle thus facilitating a good health balance. Through incorporating herbs in the meals taken, food becomes a powerful tool for removing toxins from the body. Food is something every human being takes every time. It is in fact through food that most toxins enter the body and it also through food that most toxins can be flushed from the body.

When preparing food, one can simply decide to include such healthy herbs like milk thistle, ginger and cayenne in the food. These herbs will not make the food taste bitter or strange. In fact, some herbs actually make food taste better. Whole body cleanse will be achieved through the herbal lifestyle. The herbal lifestyle involves eating food rich in natural herbs.

In conclusion, it is cheaper and effective to carry out a body cleanse using herbs. Herbs can be bought from herbal stores and supermarkets.

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