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Body Cleansing Detox – A Holistic Detox Approach To Lose Weight

Followers of body detoxing are on the constant hunt to find ways to get rid of toxins from their bodies worn out and aging from the barrage of toxins and chemicals in their lives. A body detox not only makes you feel good but helps you lose weight – lots of it! The best way is to use a holistic detox that includes exercise, detox foods, liver detox diets, kidney detox, colon cleansing detox and includes detox foods, liver supplements, saunas, juices and even fasting.

 Pollutants are in everything from overly processed foods, fertilizers used to grow them, coffee, processed foods containing sugar, cigarettes, alcohol and smog.

 Our liver is our body’s main filter but if it, along with our other major organs are overloaded, it fails to eliminate these toxins so we carry them and they accumulate in our lymph, gastro and digestive systems. And that’s when you really needed to consider a body cleansing detox.

 What Is Involved in a Holistic Detox?

 Detoxing aims at supporting the body while it eliminates harmful toxins from your body. A holistic detox uses not only detox foods and liver detox diets but also acupuncture, massage, saunas and exercise to stimulate the body and eliminate toxins. Most people concentrate on avoiding foods with high sugar content or that is overly processed but food alone will not detox your body or help you lose weight quickly – you need to think differently.

 Start by fasting from anything from one to three days. You can use the lemon detox diet recipe, a juice diet or even a water fast. The idea is to give your liver some breathing space to recover and eliminate toxins without having to work on your latest high calorie or fat-heavy meal. You can follow up with any natural body detox. But at all times remember to include exercise, saunas or other body detoxing regimes to shift your toxins. You can add liver supplements, general tonics or vitamins to help you as you will not be relying on sugary drinks, caffeine or highly refined foods to support your blood sugar levels. For many a liver cleanse is a priority since this is the body’s “filter”. No matter what body cleansing detox you use it is important to go gently even if this is not your first detox.

 During a detox drink more water, less caffeine and no alcohol, eat more whole and plant based foods, no refined foods, chemicals or preservatives. Remember to consult your doctor especially if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or nursing, have low blood sugars or other condition.

 Your approach should be to find a holistic detox that uses exercise, natural liver supplements, saunas, acupuncture as well as liver cleansing foods to get the most from your body cleansing detox. There are many healthy detoxes available to get your vitality back and lose weight while you are at it.

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