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Body Detox – How to Do It

Why do you need body detox? How does body detox help to improve your health? Today, your body’s natural detox mechanisms are so overloaded with chemicals that bombard you on a daily basis through food, water, air pollution and things that you apply to your skin that it needs a helping hand through body detox. It’s a sad fact that chemical toxins that your detox systems were never designed to deal with are being stored in your body weakening your immune system, leading to poor health and even cancer.

Your detox system deals with substances that result from everyday metabolism too. If these substances are not got rid of because the detox routes are not coping they can build up and become toxins themselves adding to the burden.

Do you ever feel sluggish, run down, out of energy, bloated? A good body detox can work wonders. Researchers have shown that if you suffer from low energy, digestive problems, skin and hair problems, have trouble sleeping, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, weight problems and many others they can be improved with body detox.

Many people are frustrated with the drug approach to fixing health problems. They often have side effects and you end up taking another drug to relieve the side effects of the first. Drugs certainly have their place in emergency medicine but they are not a cure for many chronic health problems.

Doctors, naturopaths and other health practitioners who were not satisfied with the drug approach have pondered on the underlying cause of disease and have all agreed that it is toxicity and deficiency of nutrients.

Giving your body’s natural body detox system a helping hand by reducing the toxicity and rectifying the deficiencies is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself. So how do you do it? There are a number of different approaches that include a raw food diet, vegetarian diet, fresh vegetable and fruit juicing, juice feasting, green smoothies, eating for your metabolic type, herbal detox, liver and gall bladder flush, colon cleansing and the use of specially designed rice based powdered detox formulas or other detox support supplements.

With so many different ways to detox your body how do you know which one to choose? If you are a beginner then it’s probably best to start with the basics and work up to the juice fasting as you become more experienced. The basic rules are:

Reduce your toxic exposure by avoiding chemical based household cleansers and using natural personal care products. 
Free up energy for detox by giving your digestive system a rest form hard to digest foods like red meat, wheat products. 
Gradually reduce animal products and fats including hydrogenated fats. 
Avoid nutrient robbers like sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, additives, fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol. 
Drink only filtered or ionized water. Have 6 – 8 x 8 oz glasses a day. 
Eat organic wherever possible to avoid pesticides. 
Increase fresh fruit and vegetables both raw and gently cooked. 
Make sure your bowels are moving at least twice a day and do a bowel cleanse to make sure toxins are eliminated fast. 
Take a good detox support supplement. 
Do some exercise even if you can only manage brisk walking or gentle rebounding on a mini trampoline. 
De-stress. Get some rest and relaxation. Stress will hinder your body detox.

Once you have done this then you are on your way to a healthier body and lifestyle. The detoxification of a lifetimes store of toxins does not happen overnight so persevere with the healthy basics. You can then follow more specific body detox programs that include some green smoothies or fresh juicing that will increase the cleansing power. Once you eliminate toxins and give your body nutritious food you will start to lose those niggling symptoms and find radiant health!

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