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Body Detox Systems Modern Day Superheroes

Superman is every adult and child’s legendary superhero. What with his ultra powerful punches and impressive x-ray vision, no inventive villain will last. The body detox system is built much in the same way. It knocks off the evil toxins to stop it from wreaking havoc in the body’s natural processes.

 Without you knowing it, each organ in the body detox system works hard every day to keep the body fit and healthy. Even in something as simple as breathing, the respiratory system already gets rid of the harmful carbon dioxide from the body. However, this natural body detox is often hampered by internal and external forces.

 The good news is that there is something you can to do assist the body in its cleansing operation. Notice how you vomit when you have eaten something nasty? It is really just the digestive system saving the day for you. In this sense, it is time to call on the rest of the justice league superheroes to help superman in the fight against the wicked criminals.

 Take note of every helpful body detox tip for you to accomplish to aid each body detox system in your body.

 SUPERHERO #1: THE LIVER. The liver does most of the job by purifying the blood. It sifts everything and anything from dangerous chemicals to bacteria. It also makes the bile that supports the detoxification process. To assist the liver, you have to start a body detox diet composed of fresh fruits, uncooked vegetables and sterilized water.

 SUPERHERO #2: THE SKIN. The skin is the body’s largest organ. This outer jacket is like a shield that prevents toxins from the outside to penetrate the body. Through perspiration, the skin also expels harmful substances out. So go and sweat it out! Dance, jog, run, exercise, or enjoy sauna with friends.

 SUPERHERO #3: THE LYMPH GLANDS. Under the skin is a net of pipe-like structures that allows the lymph fluid to travel in the body, take a pit stop in the organs, and dump off the toxins for eradication. The appendix, the tonsils, and the spleen are part of body detox system. Don’t tell your surgeon to cut if off!

 SUPERHERO #4: THE BOWEL. Do you feel that sense of relief after you have released the tension in your body? The bowel feels just as lovely every time it does so. However, some food products can get stuck there and turn into toxic monsters. The bowel needs your help! Get into a high-fiber diet. Pound whole flax seeds and eat them up like your regular oatmeal.

 SUPERHERO #5: THE KIDNEYS. If the bowel take cares of the solid waste products, the kidneys are in charge of the liquids. However, the kidneys are put in danger when you rely too much on synthetic medications. Juice up and drink up by concocting your very own fruit or vegetable cocktail and help the kidneys flush out toxic residues.

 Now you see that even superheroes need a bit of help sometimes. As they say, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Help your body get rid of the unfriendly substances and get into a healthy and natural body detox regime.


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