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Business Incubators in China

An incubator , often sited within a technology park and affiliated to a technical university or research institute, provides a platform for convergence of support in a synergistic system. The state, business, venture capital and community each have special roles to play in stimulating the venture creation process. Examples are given of incubation arrangements in the USA and in China, Brazil and India – each customised to the local conditions and culture. The performance of this modality has now to be enhanced by identifying and applying good practices through systems of benchmarking and continuous learning. With some 3,500 incubators worldwide today, the need is felt – and the e-capability exists – to establish a virtual World Incubation Network.

 Dynasty provides ongoing business services, including personal introductions to investor networks; advice on intellectual property and visa and immigration issues; top-notch marketing expertise; accounting guidance provided by experienced Chinese practitioners; introductions to Dynasty’s network of contacts with prominent business people in New York and Shanghai who can assist you; tax guidance; and help incorporating your Representative Office in accordance with local laws.


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