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Buying A Detox Footbath

In today’s world, it is very difficult to be healthy. You are literally bombarded with toxins everywhere you turn. Toxins are found in the food you eat and the chemicals you breathe in at home and at work while EMF waves pollute your body and affect your frequency. With all of these unhealthy elements around, it comes as no surprise that your body energy and chemistry may be off and that your body may be full of impurities that make you unhealthy.

 Because of all these dangers, there are three essential things you need to do to stay healthy. You need to eat right by monitoring your diet and making nutritious choices. You need to exercise regularly to keep your body strong and healthy. And, you need to detoxify your body to remove impurities and to recalibrate your cellular energy.

 There are a number of detoxifying and cleansing methods available to you, but one of the best is a detox footbath. A detox footbath allows you the chance to enjoy relaxing and soaking your feet in a special bath with highly charged ions. The bath is a comforting experience in-and-of-itself and as you soak your feet, the toxins are drawn from your body.

 Choosing a Detox Footbath

 The detox footbath works by a special proven process to help detoxify and cleanse your body. The effectiveness of the footbath can be explained, in part, by the scientific concept of osmosis. Osmosis essentially means that fluids will pass from a less dense solution through a semi-permeable membrane to a more dense solution. When you soak your feet in a detox footbath, you can see the principle of osmosis in action. The toxins from the body are drawn out into the solution in the bath through your feet.

 Only molecules small enough to pass through the membrane will be drawn into the water, which means that healthy molecules such as proteins won’t leave your body, but unhealthy toxins will. As your body is stimulated by the energy of the footbath, it will determine what toxins that it needs to release- so the process and results will be slightly different for everyone. The process will also differ each time you use the footbath as your body gets rid of different things as it is ready and continues on its journey towards becoming more balanced and healthy.

 The success of the footbath depends on a number of different factors, however, so you will want to make sure you look for certain features when deciding what footbath to use. Some of the things to consider include:

 * The amperage of the footbath. Typically, you will want the footbath to go to at least 3 Amps.

 * The wattage of the footbath. You will want to look for a bath that offers at least 150 watts. You will also want to make sure that the amperage can be controlled by adjusting the current (some footbaths do not offer this but instead attempt to regulate the amperage using salt).

 * The footbath should have a separate power unit and a separate water module so you may use it in any type of tub including a standard bathtub. The power unit should also run at single polarity.

 These are just a few of the key features to look for when purchasing a detox footbath. Be sure to do your research and learn all about the different options available so you can make the most informed choice and have the most effective cleanse.


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