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Can A Rife Machine Detox & Help Heal The Body

With all the methods of detoxification and alternative health aids out there, it tough to sort out what works with what doesn. What makes things more complicated is that different treatments may have different effects for different people. The best thing you can do as someone who is concerned about your health and also about the limits of traditional Western medicine is to get as informed as possible about the treatments that are out there. One type of treatment it may be important to know more about is the Rife Machine.
 Origins of the Rife Machine Device
 The origins of the Rife Machine date all the way back to the 1930s, when inventor Royal Rife created machines which he believed could isolate and neutralize pathogens, including those causing cancer, using beam rays that disrupted the frequencies of these pathogens. These original machines do not exist, however, this idea did foster growth in the field of alternative medicine known as radionics.
 About Radionics
 Radionics is based on the idea that a healthy person has specific energy frequencies, and that an unhealthy person may have different frequencies, with certain frequencies tied to different disorders. The idea is that if those frequencies can be restored to proper balance, the malady or disorder can be healed. A Rife Machine like the Rife BCX Ultra is designed to restore proper energy frequencies in the body.

 ife Frequency Therapy?is a rife device for medical use by exposing disease organisms to highly-modified forms of their own unique frequency called MOR, viruses and bacteria can be eliminated by the millions leaving healthy tissue unharmed.
 Getting Your Own Rife Machine
 You don have to wonder about the benefits of a modern-day Rife Machine; you can own one. An example of the Rife Frequency Therapy System is the BCX Ultra. This device comes with a control unit, two Noble Gas glass electrodes, as well as metal footplate, metal hand held cylinder and pre-gelled body contact electrodes. There is also an instructional DVD. Red and Green LED applicator wands and a free-standing coil electrode are optional and may be purchased separately. This device allows you to saturate your body with a wide range of potentially healing wave frequencies and forms, including sine waves, trapezoid and square wave, with 1426 pre-programmed channels for just about any health condition you can think of.

 Will a Rife Machine Detoxify and Help Heal the Body?
 It is impossible to know how a Rife Machine like the Rife BCX-Ultra will affect any one individual. However, you can try the Rife BCX-Ultra to determine its effects on everything from arthritis, migraines and chronic fatigue to Lupus, organ deficiencies and certain viruses. If you can find a certain frequency that will help you manage one of these or a variety of other conditions, you will want to find out now, before you suffer for another minute.
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