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Can a UV Water Filter Really Provide Pure Drinking Water The Truth Inside

Water pollution is the single biggest cause for the huge number of rectal and bladder cancer cases in the country today. With so many dangerous contaminants in the water supply, you need to have the best purifier in your home to get rid of them. Is a UV water filter up to the task? Let’s find out.

To know the effectiveness of a UV water filter, we first need to understand how it works and how does it purify water.

These filters contain a lamp inside which emits ultraviolet rays. These rays penetrate the microbes present in water and deactivate their DNA. This not only neutralizes the germs but also prevents them from further multiplying in the water.

So as a sanitizer of water, UV rays are much more effective than chlorine, which is usually added into the drinking water supply by the municipals for the same purpose. However, chlorine and its derivative chemicals like THMs have been shown to cause cancer in the long run, so UV water filters are a much better option.

The story doesn’t end here. There are a whole lot more contaminants found in tap water which also need to be taken care of if you want really pure water. Just killing the germs inside is not enough.

A good purifier should also be able to take care of the dirt, organic impurities, heavy metals and chemicals of different kinds present in water.

UV filters by themselves cannot do any of this. So a carbon filter is usually attached to them so as to be able to remove dirt, sediment and organic impurities. The problem of heavy metals and chemicals still remains unsolved, though.

This is where multi stage purifiers come in. These filters use a combination of cutting edge purification techniques to cleanse the water of all types of contaminants. Ion Exchange is used for removing heavy metals from the water and restoring its ph balance; Sub Micron filtration gets rid of all kinds of chemicals, and the tried and tested Carbon filtration removes all dirt, sediment and organic matter from the water.

Not only are they more effective than a UV water filter, but are also cheaper than them. They cost less in the long run too as they provide a gallon of purified water at less than ten cents!

Your next step? To use this information and find out a quality purifier that provides better results than even a UV water filter.

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