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Can We Really Detoxify Through Our Feet

In this day and age it is a fact of life that we are surrounded by various types of toxins. No matter what we try to do it is almost impossible to escape them. We are completely surrounded no matter what kind of precautions we take. Toxins are found in the water we drink and bathe in, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

This means that even if one were to try and live a life that is completely free of toxins, it is virtually impossible. Of course that is not to say that we should purposefully live unhealthy lives. If possible living a toxin free life as much as possible is always advisable. Indeed it is estimated that the average person carries at least 2 pounds of toxins and various other unwanted microorganisms at any given time. Yes, that means roughly 2 pounds of a persons body weight is unwanted foreign materials.

Eating foods that are not filled with various types of chemicals is one way to help control this problem. This means that eating as much organic foods as possible is always a good idea. Drinking filtered water or bottled water is also a good idea. But the fact is no matter how much we try, it is difficult to escape this menace. This is one reason why people tend to do detoxification or detox programs.

There are many different types of detox methods done today. Doing a colon cleansing lemonade with maple syrup is one popular way to detox. There are other herbal based detox remedies also. The only problem with these methods is that it is very time consuming and not to mention difficult.

If you are going to do a major colon cleanse, then you have to be prepared to set aside a big chunk of your time to do it. This where a remedy such as Detox foot bath needs to be looked into. Detox foot cleanse is also known as aqua detox or ionic detox and it involves soaking your feet in a salt solution water. The next step is a small amount of electricity is passed through this water.

This will extract any impurities that are found in the body into the water and the water will eventually become discolored. The human foot has around 4000 pores situated on it. It is through these pores that the body releases the toxins. The feet also contain sebaceous glands from which it will release oils, acid and alkaline.

This method of cleansing is also known as ionic foot cleanse. There are many good benefits that come with doing this type of cleansing. It will get rid of any heavy metals from the body, thereby helping with the health of the liver. When heavy metals are released from the body one will feel more energy, memory and libido will improve and there will be a decrease in stress.

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